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Vibox Apache Package 9 Review - Excellence

We are sure all our readers must be impatiently waiting for the Vibox Apache Package 9 review from our tech-savvy writers to get a clear picture on this latest goodie for gadget geeks.

So here you go! In our review we will throw some light on the VIBOX Apache Package 9’s effectiveness, pricing and functional values. The review will also provide some insight on some of the prevailing issues that can occasionally occur with this machine and how to resolve it.

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Vibox Apache Package 9 Review – Product Description/Overview

Desktop PCs have traveled a long distance to become the modern and giant machines of today. It will not be fair to just undermine their capacity and assume their use is limited to mere operative or administrative work. Modern PCs now have the capacity to operate as a fully functional entertainment system.

The new Vibox Apache Package 9 breaks all the status-quo and revitalizes the lost appeal in desktop PCs in the context of hardcore gaming and a complete entertainment system. Online die-hard gaming fans or people just like their entertainment system to be attached with PC are all going to be remarkably surprised with the power of this beast of a machine. To better understand its capacity it is enough to know that its dedicated graphic card allows complete utilization of display memory, allowing absolutely gorgeous graphics and display with high resolution settings. The output is crystal clear and sharp, something you do not associate generally with desktop PCs.

The Vibox Apache Package 9 comes with latest six-core AMD-FX Processor technology inside and a processor speed that surpasses the 4.2Ghs makes it the world’s fastest processor in personal computing to date it allows for complete multi-tasking without really slowing down your work. The two words that you associate with this machine are Power & Speed. The Vibox Apache Package 9 has a 2000 GB (2 TB) Hard Drive that has an ample space to save all your music, games and tons of movies without giving you any disk space problems.

Vibox Apache Package 9 Review

Product Features

The new PC Vibox 9 gives full value to its user, it is mainly for people who are hardcore gamers, and however its universal functionality can cater to a lot of audience. If you looking to give yourself a true experience of a modern PC or looking to upgrade your entertainment system, the Vibox Apache Package 9 is here to serve all your primary and secondary needs.

Powerful Engine

The VIBOX Apache Package 9 is purely a game and entertainment centric system, it has a good value dedicated graphic card that allows complete utilization of gaming features, from shaders to high value images and details, all that a modern game is comprised of.

Powerful Memory

The desktop PC has a powerful backup memory of 16 GB Ram, which can allow tons of processing time and applications to run at multiple levels. Multitasking now will never slow your computer down.

Complete Functionality

Vibox Apache Package 9 has multiple functionality options from complete DVD support, to a 2000GB Hard Drive, a 6 cell-core processor that has the speed which a normal PC cannot even come close to, the option to integrate other devices and LCD monitor that comes with a beautiful slim design.

The new Windows 8.1

With fully genuine new Microsoft windows 8.1, that enhances your user experience and gives you the perfect operating system for a high value desktop PC.

Revolutionary motherboard

Vibox Apache Package 9 has a revolutionary technology in its chip set board; it includes a 760G motherboard and all the latest drivers that make it even more powerful.

2GB AMD Radeon

What makes this computer stand out in the competition is that it comes with the latest 2GB AMD Radeon graphic card. One of the most powerful dedicated graphic cards that enlighten the PC with modern day imaging and picture quality, the output is just simply irreplaceable.

All in one

As previously mentioned in our Vibox Apache Package 9 review, the system comes with a perfect 22″ AOC Monitor plus the gaming headset, thematic keyboard & mouse set, other features include:

  • Wi-Fi Network Adaptor.
  • A specialized gaming fit, along with a DVD-RW, 16GB of high in Cross hair Vengeance  and  1600MHz Gaming RAM.
  • This computer has everything that you will need both at present and in future.

Pros of the Product

The Vibox Apache Package 9 is far better than any gaming console you will come across, some of the highlighted advantages that you can easily derive from this beast is:

  • Multiple cooling systems: Never lets your PC get heated up with excessive gaming or over-use, its multi cooling system the efficiency and temperature is controlled all the time.
  • 2TB Hard Drive that compensates for approximately 100 normal hard drives on a conventional PC. You can save, install and download as much as you can.
  • A complete package addressing the needs of a true gamer, you will not have to compile other things to get it up and running. The package is comprehensively designed to include everything in one unit.

Cons of the Product

  • PSU issues– There have been several PSU issues reported with this piece, largely due to wrong orders and not the machine itself. The customer services department has been kind enough to address them very easily and conveniently.
  • Size: Due to extra ordinary specs and equipment, the overall size of the PC is too big and mobility could be a difficult task if needed.
  • Difficulties in setting up: The documents do not give out complete details on setting up, so for a layman it can take up some time to understand all the wiring and connection slots.


The Vibox Apache Package 9 is a gamers’ dream and an individual’s ideal PC to opt for.

With complete options from Hard Drive to Ram and from Graphic Card to Processor everything is built magnificently and to the core of hardcore PC operations and gaming.  There are hardly any brands in the market that compete with this entertainment and gaming solution, considering the monetary value and the functional value that this PC brings to its customers or users. In our Vibox Apache Package 9 review, we have tried to cover all the critical angles for someone who is planning and trying to make up his mind towards this collectible item.

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