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TP-Link TD-W8970 Router review

For those of you hunting for an advanced router to go mobile around the house, we’ve brought a comprehensive TP-Link TD-W8970 Router review to get you going. This advanced machine keeps your system prepared for future shifts in technology like transfer to Ipv6 addressing scheme and that too for a very modest price.

An all encompassing and advanced router, the TP-Link TD-W8970 is a great new product which will take the market by storm. Boasting an in-built ADSL2+modem, TP-Link’s TD-W8970 is a 802.11n router with a 4-port Gigabit Ethernet switch in addition to support for mobile 3G broadband.

Product Description/ Overview

The TP-Link’s TD-W8970’s most attractive feature is the Web interface it has. The interface is clean and attractive with a well planned layout which makes locating the information a walk in the park. Moreover, the interface is quick in implementing configuration changes. The first configuration can be carried out by TP-Link’s TD-W8970’s in-built Quick Start feature through which you can add your ISP login details as well as the wireless networking settings of your choice.

The TP-Link’s TD-W8970 was able to detect our ADSL+2 settings, the type of connection as well as VPI/VCI all by itself and all we did was entering our password and username. We connected within a blink of an eye.

Review of the TP-Link TD-W8970

Product Features

Quick Wireless and Gigabit Ethernet: The TD-W8970 comes with a Four Ports of Gigabit Ethernet and as much as 300Mbps speed employing 802.11n wireless. Play advanced games, watch HD movies and video chat with friends and family without any sort of lag, buffer or interruptions. The device antennas can be detached from the base unit allowing you to attach bigger or advanced antennas if you want to.

Qos Providing Ultimate Control: Having control on your apps and services are always your priority no doubt so as to ensure that the online games and video streams get largest chunk of the bandwidth available without the fear of their quality going down even when someone else in the home starts downloading big files elsewhere. This way, it allows you to police the other users from taking all of the bandwidth.

Access Your Home Remotely Through IPSec VPN: Want to access files which are at your home while you are away from home? TD-W8970 lets you have as much as 10 IPSec VPN tunnels, allowing you to log into the home network securely. This keeps you connected to your data at home from anywhere in the world at any time.

The TP-Link TD-W8970 Router

Pros Of The Product

  • Keeping You Prepared For Future – Ipv6: As Internet alters the addressing scheme from the old IPv4 to the new IPv6, you’ll also have to move forward with the change. TD-W8970 is capable of running IPv6 so you’ll be able to easily run on the new technology when things take a shift.
  • USB Ports Allowing You Advanced Sharing: The two USB ports of TD-W8970 allows you to connect hard drives and printers which you can then share between all your devices at home and even remotely employing IPSec tunnel. The in-built FTP function makes your file sharing a walk in the park.
  • An Advanced WAN Port: TD-W8970’s boasts an Ethernet WAN port meaning you can employ any sort of internet connection provided by your ISP be it IDSL, fiber modem or cable.
  • Safe Wireless: Secure your network and data employing WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK. These advanced encryption technologies will keep the intruders away from your network.

Cons Of The Product

  • Bad USB Storage Port Function: The major con of the product is the USB storage port feature which is not as good as expected.
  • No Dual-Band Wi-Fi: Another major drawback of TD-W8970 is the unavailability of dual-band Wi-Fi.
  • Bad Network Storage Support: A minor drawback of TD-W8970 comes in the form of poor network storage support.


The TD-W8970’s clean and easy interface that makes setup quick might be the most attractive feature of the product for you if you are new to internet networking. However, considering its reasonable range of features like ADSL+2 modem, Gigabit Ethernet, 300MBps Wi-Fi and 3G support, our TP-Link TD-W8970 review makes it certain to any professional that it is the best product you can get at this price.

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