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Toshiba 32W2433DB review

For the TV buffs out there, we’ve brought our Toshiba 32W2433DB review. Toshiba has been known for its innovation and quality of products and this latest product from the brand lives up to everyone’s expectations.  Here is a detailed look at a few significant features as well as pros and cons of the product.

Product Description/Overview

Blow some life into your movies with the great picture detail provided by this 23 inch Free view LED TV. This new entrant to Toshiba’s stable delivers HD Ready images with stunning clarity, colors, brightness all in a very thin, less-space-consuming design. This is in addition to its AMR 200 picture processing technology that significantly curbs motion blur in high speed pictures making it the most ideal choice for sports, movies and gaming fans. You can enjoy effortless TV experience with its in-built Free view tuner. The Free view tuner allows you to watch around 50 digital TV channels which include ITV 2 and BBC Three for free. You can also playback your photos, movies and music on its HD ready screen right from your USB device to share the moments with everyone.

Toshiba 32W2433DB side view

Product Features

2x HDMI Ports For Advanced Connectivity.

Toshiba 32W2433DB boasts 2 x HDMI ports to allow you to connect a games console or a blu-ray player conveniently and enjoy the ultra-realistic HD picture experience. You can also connect your personal computer to use this TV as a replacement for the PC monitor.

Virtual Surround Sound & Dolby Digital Plus.

The Virtual Surround Sound system and Dolby Digital Plus sound system lend this TV an amazing audio quality to polish your multimedia experience.

Built-In Free view.

The built-in Freeview feature of the TV lets you take pleasure from subscription-free access to around 50 digital TV channels as well as 24 radio stations without having to buy an additional set top box.

Electronic Program Guide.

The handy 8-day electronic program guide of Toshiba 32W2433DB lets you plan your viewing schedule so that you don’t miss out any of your favorite programs.

Mobile High-Definition Link.

The mobile high-definition link feature of the TV is one of the most amazing features that offers high-definition connectivity to your devices and it works like clockwork.

Review of the Toshiba 32W2433DB

Pros of the Product

  • Active Back light Control: The Active Back light Control coupled with HD-ready resolution of the TV allows it to create beautiful and life-like images. The technology provides deep, rich hues along with superb contrast quality.
  • Efficient in Power Consumption: With an on-mode power consumption of 31.4 watts, which leads it to Energy Efficiency Index of 0.22 and an Energy Efficiency Rating of A+, Toshiba 32W2433DB is inarguably one of the most efficient TVs in the market.
  • Space Saving Design: The slim and clean design of the TV makes it a fit for every kind of space. It can be easily hanged to the wall and the clean design eliminates the need of having a wooden base below it.

Cons of the Product

  • Less Trendy Features: In contrast to most of the advanced TVs of the current age, Toshiba 32W2433DB lacks the array of trendy features. Those features certainly are not imperative and are something additional, but they sure could have added value to the newly launched product by Toshiba.
  • A Bit Hard To Setup: The user interface of the TV might seem a bit confusing to some, especially those who aren’t used to using smart TV’s.


To sum it all up, all we would say is that this Toshiba 32W2433DB is an excellent choice for every space at your house, be it your living room, kids play room or kitchen. The product is sturdy and well made and we are sure that our Toshiba 32W2433DB review would be helpful for you in making the right choice. We found this TV to be similar to one of it’s brother TV’s, you can take a look at our TOSHIBA 32W1333 Review for more info on this product. This model does have a few differences.

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