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Toshiba has long been into the home appliances and electronics industry and today, our TOSHIBA 32W1333 Review brings a new product from the company into the light. With the TOSHIBA 32W1333, Samsung has set standards with the remarkable quality and innovation. This article will highlight some of the basic product descriptions, an in-depth analysis of its functions and features, along with a few shortcomings reported by consumers.

Product Description/ Overview.

The TOSHIBA 32W1333 is a whopping 32’ inches HD ready LED Television, which sets new records in the TV category. It is all set to give competition to some of the biggest and top of the line brands in the market available at a higher price. With a complete 2 years warranty this beauty comes with an infinite list of functions and advantages.

The TOSHIBA 32W1333 32’’ screen has a built-in EDGE technology, which gives its back light a new modern form, allowing for even better performance in the context of color brightness and contrast. The new color enhancement feature will bring in even more detailing in the pictures and videos you see, by highlighting every inch of detail. The Television is smartly designed to fit any room wall for family, commercial or personal entertainment use. It has the complete 16:9 digital output, which has remarkable quality and true definition of the high value picture. With the Dolby Digital technology integrated within the system, the sound of it is even more epic.

The TOSHIBA 32W1333

Product Features.

In this section we will share some of the most appreciated product features of the new Toshiba LED TV.

Complete HD Ready and Retina type output.

If you are looking for a Television screen, which can bring the best out of an average picture or a video then this is the set for you. Its High Definition and Retina ready output will baffle your mind with how strong and detailed the output is.

Truly experience the depth of characters and scenery based movies or watch your favorite sport with a remarkable display and sound. The pictures are true to the color, crisp, sharp and high in contrast along with the new color enhancement.

Smart Power Consumption.

The Toshiba LED TV also has now introduced a smart power consumptions feature in their sets. The new technology smartly utilizes the electricity resources and saves you from high electricity bills. It also utilizes the voltages efficiently so any fluctuations in your power, do not damage the system within the Television.

Multiple output and third party devices.

The TOSHIBA 32W1333 Led 32 inches Television screen, not only is a TV system, but an ultimate entertainment package. It has multiple output slots that will allow users to connect both AV and HD cables at once and can also have the capacity to integrate third party devices. From your DVD and Blu-ray players to extra speakers and gaming consoles, you can connect everything together in one system.

Digital Filter.

The digital filter system, introduced with this screen, will make an average looking channel look fantastic. The pixels will automatically adjust and the ratio output will ensure you still get the most perfect display.

TOSHIBA 32W1333 Review

Pros of the product.

Some highlights of the major advantages an owner of TOSHIBA 32W1333 has:

  • Multiple ports: Multiple HDMI ports can allow two high definition devices to set up together, which can ease the effort of connecting different devices at different times. You have everything ready and set. Change at one touch of the button.
  • Automated functions: The television set comes with various automated functions like parental control and auto power off. Keep these settings activated and you will never have to supervise your children or worry about leaving the TV on while sleeping.
  • Supports multiple regions: Toshiba LED TV supports both PAL and SECAM regions, no more worry of region failure as it supports multiple formats.

Cons of the product.

  • Irregular sounds: Some users have reported irregular sound volumes, while swapping between the channels. It is not confirmed whether it’s the satellite’s fault or television.
  • Limited Colors: The TV is only available in conventional black. Probably a silver and brown options could have allowed more variety.


The overall performance of the television set seems highly satisfactory with nothing alarming to report. The TV set is built with a great mechanism and performance boosting systems, ensuring high quality performance and durability. This TOSHIBA 32W1333 Review reveals that it surely is among the top considerations of the users and a competition for rival brands in the market.

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