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There’s no shortage of gifts to buy on the internet, and that can be both a blessing and a curse of technology. From custom gifts on craft websites or crowdfunded campaigns, there’s a lot of cool things out there to buy for guys. Whether you’re starting early on birthday or Christmas shopping, we have a list that provides a wide variety of gadgets for men, which are both useful and cutting-edge. Let’s get started, shall we?

94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball

Here’s the gift for the guys out there who feel inspired by NBA’s MVP and jump-shot magician, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. This special basketball has a performance tracker built into it that measures every shot, dribble, ball spin, and velocity. This might sound like an advanced training tool, but it can actually boost amateur’s performance just as effectively with the right regimen. Currently this product is only available in the amazon us store.

Powerbeats 2 by Beats by Dre

America’s top athletes swear by these new water-resistant earbuds. They combine the coveted sound quality of the over-ear Beats headphones with the durability of the best workout earbuds. These wireless headphones are wireless via Bluetooth and have a signal range of at least thirty feet with no loss in quality. Each charge lasts six hours, so plenty enough for a day at the gym.

Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones - Black
List Price: £169.95
Price: £109.00
You Save: £60.95
Price Disclaimer

Amazon Echo

If you’ve never seen their commercial ad, this little wireless speaker is Amazon’s version of your own personal assistant, only without the overpaid salary requirements. If you have used Siri or Cortana before, you will feel right at-home with the Echo. It not only picks up commands intelligently, it also provides smart suggestions when you give a vague question like “what’s the traffic like?”, “What’s new in sports?”, and “Play new music.” The Echo is a great mid-range soundbar, so you’re not just paying a premium for the service. Currently this product is available only on amazon us.

Amazon Echo - Black (1st Generation)
List Price: $179.99
Price Disclaimer

Nikon D3300

Everyone should have a decent camera for capturing special moments, celebrations, and planned events. You don’t need to be a trained photographer to get a great shot with the new Nikon DSLR model. This camera is competitively priced and seen as a superior value to even cameras that are twice as expensive. The D3300 is equipped with 24.3 megapixels, an optional upgrade for 18-55mm lens kit, and great video capture quality for a camera in this class.

Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe

Take your man duties to the next level with this compact electric lawn mower. This mower is perfect for guys who don’t revel in the tradition of cranking up the lawn mower on a Sunday morning and inhaling the fumes of gasoline. The Mow Joe’s blade is only 14” long, but it is plenty of power for the average, uneventful yard. It’s also lightweight, compact, and easy to use, but the real reason to get one of these is to ditch the can, running purely off of the electric outlet. You’ll save on the budget sticker-price and from never pulling up to a gas station to fill up.

GoPro Hero4

We couldn’t choose between the Nikon or the GoPro for our professional camera needs, so we chose both. These new GoPro Hero models are so much smaller and lighter than what we are used to seeing, but they still carry the same advantages of being water-proof and high in picture quality. 1080p video in virtually any environment, this camera chronicles life’s greatest moments.

List Price: £329.99
Price Disclaimer

Epson Home Cinema 2045

Every man knows that the key to his heart is through the big screen. It doesn’t get much bigger than your own home cinema projector. This technology has come a long way over the years, picture quality is on-par with your average LCD TV under the right conditions. View your favorite movies, play your favorite videogames on a 25 foot screen, with 3D capabilities. You have to see it to believe it.


If the guy you’re shopping for doesn’t have a wall or proper space to experience the Epson Home Cinema, the LG OLED Curved television will knock his socks off just as easily. The selling point of this TV is the inward curve that improves viewing range, but the image quality is just as cutting-edge. Blacks are super-rich, colors are vibrant; read any review and you’ll believe the hype.

The Breeze Breathometer

Many people don’t realize that you can purchase your own personal breathalyzer, with accuracy readings just as reliable as the kinds that police use. If you’re afraid that this kind of gift will come off as insulting, then don’t be. This can not only save their life, but also save them the headache of a police trap preying on motorists to collect cheap ticket revenue quotas. If you explain it to them in those terms, you will definitely win some kudos from them.

Onnit Primal Kettlebells

Getting motivated in the gym is just as important as the actual workouts themselves. Onnit has produced the best-looking kettlebells on the market, but they’re not just for show. These primate molds have been tested and manufactured to perform with perfect weighted balance. They also made sure the handle grips are very easy to grab and lower chances of injury. Get pumped! Get primal!

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