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TomTom PRO 5150 Review

In the world of GPS devices and tracking systems, there are not many that are specifically designed for the needs of heavy vehicles and delivery trucks. However, the newly introduced TomTom PRO 5150 is something which is all set to establish a new trend in GPS devices which not only are specifically designed for trucks and lorrys but have dedicated operations as well. Our TomTom PRO 5150 review will provide a comprehensive analysis of the product, its technical details, its working mechanism and will also have a rational conclusion for our readers to help them decide whether the device is worth the money or not.

Product Description/ Overview

TomTom PRO 5150 for Trucks is the most advanced and intelligent device designed for truck and lorry drivers. It is purposely built to assist heavy vehicles with the most precise guidance starting from point A to point B. The device has all the latest features that any sat nav device user can ask for and it is one of the most sturdy and reliable GPS tracking device in its category to this date.

If you are a truck driver, alien to the roads or are looking for the shortest route possible and detailed information about it, then the TomTom PRO 5150’s ultimate Truck Live feature will provide you navigation details with pin point accuracy along with perfectly laid out instructions. Those using this feature will have to register all the technical details of their vehicles, for example the size, the destination, the weight  in the TomTom PRO 5150, and the device will automatically devise the shortest journey plan in accordance with the specifications of your vehicle. It also gives out tons of other helpful  information like how long will the journey take, what are safety precautions etc.

The GPS device comes with truck friendly routes. You can use it throughout Europe and other areas too.

Product Features

Lets have a detailed look at some of the significant features of this intelligent device to enrich our TomTom PRO 5150 review:

High Definition, crystal clear display.

The TomTom PRO 5150 has more than 5 inches of display screen which offers a truly fantastic picture quality so that you do not have to focus or put any effort into figuring out what is on the screen. With a high definition display and crystal clear signs, viewing instructions and pictures on this pro GPS device is as easy as watching a movie on your home theater.

Complete voice based driving instructions.

Do not feel lost or stranded on an alien road. You have your TomTom PRO 5150 to assist you in every step of your journey. With complete step by step voice based instructions, it never leaves you alone in a journey towards your destination. It surely is the perfect journey guide.

The right device for heavy vehicles.

The unique feature of the TomTom PRO 5150 is its ability to assess the complete travel details for heavy vehicles, which means that drivers have everything covered that could possibly become a problem along their way. With real time updates, weather forecasts and other details you will always know what to prepare for ahead of time.

Our TomTom PRO 5150Pros of the product

Some of the products greatest advantages are:

  • Truck Live support: With this device and its newly introduced truck live support feature, you can have complete information about the place you are traveling towards. Simply put in a few details about your journey and vehicle and the device will automatically provide the shortest and most convenient route to your destination.
  • Complete online and offline support: The TomTom PRO 5150 has full online and offline support. With lifetime updates, unlimited email support and completed documentation along with tutorials, TomTom has enough support material available to make you an expert at using this device.

Cons of the Product

  • Some European routes are outdated: Users have reported that some of the European routes installed with updates on the device are slightly outdated and give out wrong information.
  • Slow updates: Online updates on this device have been very slow, making the device a bit outdated at times. Also the real time information updates on certain routes takes time to update automatically, keeping the drivers guessing.


In our TomTom PRO 5150 review we tried to provide a complete analysis on what seems to be a trend setting device in GPS and location tracking. The gadget highlights seem quite promising. It looks like a really good bargain for people who are into driving larger vehicles for consignments especially the courier service drivers. It provides very easy and clear directions along with other important real time information to make the toughest journey a walk in the park.

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