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While gamers have been engaging in the trading of digital properties for years, another revolution is set to kick in when new ways of conducting transactions in the virtual world are unleashed. Thus, it is not far-fetched to speculate that in the not-so distant future, in-game assets might become just as valuable as the real world assets.

The Ethereum blockchain is poised to be a major player in that, it will furnish a public ledger, which is aimed at allowing gamers to exchange virtual property seamlessly. And, besides exchanging in-game assets, they can hold the virtual properties in escrow awaiting trading. EtherPoker and FreeMyVunk are just two gaming platforms that are seeking to take advantage of the Ethereum protocol.

The mission of FreeMyVunk Movement is to give gamers the power to trade with other gamers their virtual assets transparently from right within the digital wallets and the game itself, and avoid having to resort to external forums where the dangers are many and varied. The Ethereum blockchain has received a lot of credit for being flexible, secure, and more streamlined.

The virtual assets can be anything from a magic potion, through guns and digital currencies, to collector items. Thus, when a gamer acquires certain virtual assets from within a game, they can then access an external marketplace where their virtual asset will find value.

FreeMyVunk hopes to build a community that will create a network effect needed for it to scale up in a sustainable way. One of the ways to incentivize early adopters to join and rally behind the community is providing a token that’s being referred to as VNK.

In the end, gamers will be able to access their digital wallets from anywhere without having to be signed in to their game, access their virtual assets and do whatever they want with them. In this regard, virtual assets are being viewed as the next big thing in global asset classes making it possible to invest or speculate in them just like you would with other asset classes like stocks or bonds.

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