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Sony KDL32R433 Review

If you are looking for a great HD quality picture with sharp colors and powerful sound, then you should not miss our Sony KDL32R433 Review. This amazing new entrant to Sony’s shelf is an affordable and futuristic screen with Wi-Fi Direct and Freeview HD built-in.

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Product Overview

Boasting Edge LED technology, this fantastic screen features great enhancements in brightness and contrast over regular LED TVs. The top quality Motion Flow XR100 system makes sure you get smooth motion in all your content. The Motion Flow feature becomes more visible in scenes with fast moving pictures like Hollywood or sports blockbuster movies, ensuring reduction in blur that is so typical in the old 50Hz TVs. Also on board to improve your viewing experience further is the Clear Resolution Enhancer system. This amazing technology reduces noise and improves the picture quality to provide clear and crisp images.

Product Features

Miracast Screen Mirroring

The Screen Mirroring feature allows one to connect a compatible Android tablet or Smartphone (needs Miracast-compliant devices), wirelessly and display whatever is on your device’s screen. Miracast lets you have your videos, apps, pictures and games displayed on your TV. You can swipe, select, and enlarge content and control the whole experience right from your Smartphone. To offer full compatibility with older devices, both Component and SCART connections have been added.

Wi-Fi Direct and Photo Share

With the Wi-Fi Direct allows you to directly connect to your tablet or Smartphone wirelessly and the Photo Share feature allows you to share pictures stored on your devices with your family and friends in the room on the big High Definition screen.

FreeView HD

With the built-in Freeview HD feature, you won’t ever need an HD set-top box. Now you can enjoy High Definition broadcasts from ITV, BBC and many others without having to pay for subscriptions. The Freeview HD provides you more than 50 TV channels as well as a range of digital radio channels to keep you entertained all day long.

TV SideView

The Side View feature allows you to effortlessly control the experience using your iOS or Android device. You can check out the episode and cast details or browse schedules of your favorite shows. You can conveniently discover more and more content from websites, apps and recorded shows saved on other devices on your network to related TV programs and videos. The feature also allows you to make your TV viewing experience more social by tweeting about the program from your mobile device.

Review of the Sony KDL32R433Pros of the Product

  • Superior Sound: The Sony’s integrated bass reflex speakers provide a much more exciting sound experience than the regular new-age TVs. The TV provides richer soundtracks with natural and rich lows and clear highs. Its S-Master amplifier makes sure that even the biggest of your rooms are filled with ample sound. To let you get the best out of your TV, Sony has added both analogues 3.5mm via headphone output) and digital (optical) audio output options for connecting to your TV to your home cinema or Hi-Fi. Moreover the sound bars put in that extra bit of audio punch to your games, movies and TV programs.
  • Minimalistic Design: The Sony KDL32R433 is every bit as stylish as one could expect from a giant like Sony. With a long lasting appeal, the TV boasts a unique slim-line stand and a minimal bezel. In contrast to the regular TVs in the market, this combination of elegant style and subtleness makes the TV look much less intrusive in your living space.

Cons of the Product

  • Pretty Heavy: The only major con of this TV is its weight. Though bulk generally means a stronger and sturdy product, but the extra weight means that if you are planning to hang it to a wall, then you’ll need to buy a strong and sturdy bracket to match.


Offering a fantastic picture quality, top-notch sound quality, Freeview HD, Photo Share function to wirelessly share images on TV and features to control your TV through your smart devices, the Sony KDL32R433 is sure to keep everyone in your home entertained. To conclude our Sony KDL32R433 review, we would reiterate that for an amazing all-round TV experience at an affordable price, you should look no further than the Sony KDL32R433.

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