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Samsung UN55KU7000 55 inch Smart television

Is your current television small, grainy and dull? Do you crave the luxury and beauty of a big screen, but worry about the hit to your budget? Samsung have created a beautiful Smart television that is big and bold, delivers great graphics: and costs less than $1000! The Samsung UN55KU7000 is a huge LED screen, designed for use at home. Connect your console and your BlueRay player, send content from your mobile device or use the Smart capabilities to access a huge range of content apps and channels.

Introducing the UN55KU7000:

Review of UN55KU7000 Samsung Smart TV

The UN55KU7000’s specs and stats

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Release year: 2016
  • Size: 48.6 x 13.1 x 31 inches; 43.4 pounds
  • Colour: Silver
  • Price: $997.99
  • Display: 55 inch LED screen; 4K Ultra HD resolution; 120CMR effective refresh rate
  • Features: 3 x HDMI ports; in-built upscaler; Cloud gaming; quad-core processor

If you have been looking for a high quality widescreen TV that suits your mid-range budget, look to the television experts at Samsung. This beautiful 55 inch LED screen is perfect for home use. It can be wall mounted or stood on a unit, and comes complete with wall fixings and a sturdy, detachable stand. The flat screen is slim and neat, and the frame is extremely low profile which maximises screen space.

The colours of your films and games will look realistic and bright on the backlit LED screen, which uses Active Crystal Color technology to produce a wider range of hues. The contrast level is sharp and lines are crisp and bold, giving plenty of depth and feeling to the pictures it produces. With four times the power of standard HD, the 4K UHD power is well worth investing in. Despite the massive jump in pixel ratio, you can still watch older movies and play classic games without distortion: the television unit has a built-in upscaler which automatically adjusts any picture to match the quality you expect from your new TV. The high dynamic range and impressive refresh rate ensure that transitions are seamless – even during intense action sequences.

There are three HDMI ports, so you can have your computer, your console and your movie player hooked up at once. You can also link in sound bars and speakers to create a full home theatre. This is recommended. The sound delivered by this television is good enough for small rooms, and the tone is rich and clear. However, the overwhelmingly good graphics deserve sound quality to match, so get some extra speakers thrown into the mix.

In-built Wi-fi connection means you can hook your television up to the internet and access a whole extra range of content features, and the Simplified Smart TV Experience layout is designed to make accessing this content easy. Find all your favourite apps, such as Amazon and Netflix, YouTube and Hulu. You can also reach Cloud gaming services and play video games directly through your television – you don’t even need a console!

Prices and details correct at the time of writing, taken from Amazon.com
Images used via Amazon or through Creative Commons licence

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