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Samsung 55 inch widescreen TV ue55ku6400

Tired of small screens and fuzzy graphics? Want a true home cinema feel in your own living room? Imagine watching your movies and playing your games in full 55 inch widescreen! This incredible Samsung TV is great for home entertainment – it is large enough to have a real impact on the eye, but it is still comfortable to watch.

The screen can be mounted to the wall using the supplied fixings, and it can also be stood on a unit or ledge with the built-in low profile stand. At almost 40 pounds, the TV is heavy but well weighted, and it will stand strong without tipping or tilting. Remember to check the stability and construction of your wall before mounting the unit – seek an expert’s opinion if you are in any doubt!

The TV unit itself is sharp and sleep, with a slim design and extremely narrow frame. It looks very modern and crisp. If you want a high quality television on a sensible mid-range budget, the UE55KU6400 is a top choice.

Important product information about the Samsung UE55KU6400:

  • Price: $1,282.93 (plus $190.14 for shipping costs)
  • Size: 48.9 x 2.5 x 30.1 inches; 38.1 pounds
  • Display: 55 inch screen; 4K Ultra HD resolution; upscaling technology
  • Operating requirements: mains power for display unit; 2 AAA batteries (for remote control)

Display and performance when viewing your content

Let’s talk about what this superb television can actually do. With a whopping 55 inch screen, pictures are big and clear. That impressive Ultra HD technology delivers four times the resolution of standard HD – thousands of pixels for bolder colours, sharper lines and smoother transitions. Active Crystal Colour technology combines with LED backlighting and gives you the most accurate true-colour representation possible. The television also features a high refresh rate, so action shots and gaming graphics will be seamless and smooth.

Smart television features for a greater range of viewing choices

This Samsung UE55KU6400 model is Wi-fi enabled, so users can enjoy a whole host of connected features. The Smart television can stream content from your favourite apps directly, including YouTube, Netflx, Amazon and Hulu. It can also access gaming content through PlayStation Now and similar services, and allows users to access Cloud storage to save their content. Smart televisions can also pause, rewind and record live television, so you never miss a show again. All you need to get started is a good home broadband signal – wireless works best, but the TV also has an ethernet port for wired connections.

Use the HDMI ports to add in your console, DVD player and other gadgets for a comprehensive home entertainment system. You could also stream content directly from your mobile device, tablet or laptop. Showcase yor images and video clips on the big screen, or use your phone to play stored movies and TV shows. Almost anything is possible with this cool and connected Samsung television, which is available online for you to take home today.

Details and prices correct at the time of writing, taken from Amazon.com
Images used via Amazon with thanks to product suppliers

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