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Samsung UE40EH5000 review

In the world of LEDs Samsung has managed to retain its badge of “the leading brand”. Our Samsung UE40EH5000 review today will focus on providing a detailed and comprehensive assessment of how this new LED TV has the potential to stay on number one for quite some time. Further sections in the article will focus on technical aspects and customer feedback on this exemplary piece of technical ingenuity.

Product Description/ Overview

If you are looking for a crystal clear picture and surround sound effect then the Samsung UE40EH5000 40-inch screen is your best bet. This television will change the way you watch your favorite TV shows or a heart throbbing football match. With advanced Light Emitting Technology, Samsung has changed the way pictures and videos will display on the screen. It uses the latest HDTV fluorescent technology to create remarkable quality display supported by the latest development by Samsung called Color Enhancement. Your videos and channels will provide pixel perfect details in all the colors you can imagine with a ratio of 1080p.

This Samsung 40 inch TV is designed with perfect aesthetical values in mind and using high class material which means the TV will work as a perfect add-on accessory for your room, whether it’s personal space or a big lounge. The screen size is a perfect fit for all sizes of spaces.

Product Features

This section of our Samsung UE40EH5000 review will define the key aspects and features of the LED TV:

Full High Definition television at nominal price: Its high class display and crisp picture quality will leave you astonished and overwhelmed. The new ultra-realistic technology combined with Free view system is the latest innovation in High Definition Television genre.

Complete multimedia package: Samsung LED Series 5 is not just a television; it is a complete multimedia package. The set comes with more than two High Definition Multimedia inputs that allows any third party multimedia device to establish a perfect connection. Improve its functionality by connecting your Blu-ray players and gaming consoles, to make this television a non-stop single platform entertainment center.

High speed USB mode: With connect and share feature, enjoy all your favorite movies and shows through USB mode, with high speed and lag-less connection.

Pros of the product

This LED Series 5 Samsung Television is one of the most advanced and top of the line set in the market. It comes with numerous advantages such as:

  • Superior Picture Quality with Motion Rate Technology: Samsung uses the new motion rate technology, to power its images and display. Through the motion rate technology, viewers will immerse into the experience of true High Definition mode. Watch your favorite shows and movies in never seen before experience and mode.
  • Surround sound and noise filtering mode: Experience the true digital and surround sound mode with this Samsung UE40EH5000 along with good quality noise filtering mode, to keep you away from any distraction. Enjoy each and every step into the movie or listen to every move of your favorite team through new clear sound technology.
  • Smart energy utilization and picture in picture display: Your new Samsung LED will not force extra electricity units, with its smart technology which is not only electricity friendly but also is benchmarked on the green technology favoring the environment. Besides the amazing display and quality use, never miss anything with the new picture in picture mode. You can follow two great matches together or two of your favorite shows inside one screen.

Cons of the product

  • Problems with bright pictures: In extreme bright images and videos, the LED displays few dark corners on left side.
  • Quality Output: Normal Satellite and non HD channels seem to have deprived quality output.


The Samsung UE40EH5000 LED TV series 5 is one of the best bargains at the given price. It offers some top of the line advantages and features, not available in competing brands. Our Samsung UE40EH5000 review comprehensively defines all the technical and aesthetic aspects to assist you in decision making.

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