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Samsung UE22H5600 review

Our Samsung UE22H5600 Review is here to reveal Samsung’s new technology monster that has revolutionized the brand’s television portfolio and is set to amaze its users. We are living in an age of epic modernization. From our phones to computers and gaming consoles to television, all the entertainment elements of our lives have been completely transformed to provide ultimate and rich user experience never imagined before. The Samsung UE22H5600 is here to take things a step further.

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Product Description

Before moving on to a detailed analysis of Samsung UE22H5600, let’s highlight some brief details of the product. The new Samsung LED TV is a complete package for your entertainment needs. It comes with a perfect 1080p display and a design that is ultra-slim which means the 22 inches screen looks beautifully poised on your wall or a stand. With its enhanced board and ultimate power technology the output is in-arguably fantastic. Giving you a rich user experience in the form of crisp, clear and sharp output, all your movies and games will now be more colorful and high in contrast. Features like Football mode and Recommendations are some of the newly introduced highlights, adding more value to the overall quality of the LED TV. Football mode gives you an ultimate football experience by automatically adjusting its sound quality, picture contrast and settings according to the transmission.

Recommendation mode works on the artificial intelligence technology by remembering your favorite genres and shows and based on them recommends newly available programs, movies and channels.

Product Features

Some of the most amazing functions that come with the new Samsung LED TV are:

Crisper and clear picture: Get overwhelmed with the most breathtaking quality of pictures as result of Samsung UE22H5600’s newly introduced technology.

Quad Core Processing technology: The new Samsung UE22H5600 has quad core processor so it works the same way as your computer. No more slow channels swapping, it quickly jumps on to different smart features that a viewer wants to access.

Built-in WIFI: Now your TV is connected to the internet world round the clock with a built-in WIFI system. Do your social networking and conference calls right from your Samsung UE22H5600.

Energy efficiency technology: Samsung UE22H5600 is not only user-friendly but also completely environment friendly. It uses green technology concept; the use of energy is extremely efficient and lending an energy efficiency rating of “A” to this brilliant machine.

Complete smart solution: Samsung LED 22-inch screen gives you all the smart solutions you can imagine. From personalized TV themes and scheduling to playing online games and using social media applications, it is all at your finger tips now. It is the one-stop-solution for your entire routine entertainment doze on the touch of a few buttons.

Connectivity with Samsung devices: Your TV can easily be connected to a Samsung note or smart phone which means you are not away from your favorite television shows even for a second. Its connectivity is something that simply amazes the users.

Multiple outputs: The new Samsung LED Smart TV can be easily connected to different devices like gaming consoles, computers and DVD Players. It has the ability to sync all your input devices into different platforms from normal AV to HDMI output.

Pros Of The Product

Some of the major advantages with the new Samsung LED smart TV are:

  • Smart and personalized scheduling: Users can set their own Television schedules and personalized shows. Based on the personalization, the TV will recommend similar shows and genre.
  • HDMI output: True HDMI experience with high class technology and output that reflects right on the screen.
  • Catch-up and WIFI Connectivity: With internet and catch-up functions, never miss a single thing on your social networking on TV.

Cons Of The Product

  • Lack of customized players and streaming applications: The smart television technology is now integrating all the latest players like iPlayer and BBC along with streaming programs like NetFlix. The Samsung UE22H5600 still does not have this functionality.
  • Documentation: The television does not come with a proper documented package giving details of how to set-up and integrate with other devices. It takes time for users to understand and adjust the settings.


If you are looking to update yourself to the smart television age, Samsung UE22H5600 22-inch LED with built-in WIFI is the best option in the market. Despite its basic short comings like absence of streaming player and high price, Its sharp quality picture with terrific experience tailored to different viewing modes is simply fantastic to witness and experiment. The durability of the product, as the brand stands for, is unquestionable and Samsung also offers a great customer support service. Therefore, from our Samsung UE22H5600 review it is clear that the new Samsung UE22H5600 is the best bargain smart television available in the market.

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