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Samsung MM E460-D Review

It’s widely known that Samsung’s products never fail to surprise the music fans and our Samsung MM E460D review would support that notion. The new entrant to the Samsung’s stable of music systems offers a deep and rich bass sound with vibrations radiating via its powerful speakers to guarantee low notes of sounds. Samsung MM E460D 120W Dual Dock’s powerful sound is sure to move your entertainment experience to new heights and is a must have item for all music fans out there be it techno, rock, pop or classic.

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Product Description/ Overview

Ask any music fan out there, about the most ideal thing they would want from a good speaker set and the most common answer would be the ability to place terrific sounds with zero distortions and complete bass for their favorite music tracks. Samsung is a brand that most perfectly understands the market demands and tailors its products precisely according to what their customers demand. A prime example can be the new Samsung MM E460D 120 W Dual Dock set of speakers that will make a dream come true for any avid music followers out there. You can be a rock fan who is addicted to Kings of Leon, a classic fan wanting to listen to some Frank Sinatra or you want to party with Selena Gomes songs, whatever it is this little piece of beauty is a great experience and a collectible add-on for your music players.

If you are planning to hear some great sounds for an easy and affordable price, something that doesn’t put a weight on your wallet and makes your music sound even better, then you should surely go for the Samsung MM E460D. This is the most versatile and adaptable music solution offered in the market, not only because of its great features highlighted in the next section of this review but also because of its quality which is undoubtedly Samsung’s effort to establish a firm footprint on the whole music entertainment genre of electronics. With its fully functional value, you can make the most of its output capacity by connecting all your music players from IPOD to MP3 as well as other devices that need sound improvement and enjoy it as a one-stop sound making machine.

Product Features

Play all your favorite music through all supportable modes.

You can play your favorite music through CDs, DVDs or MP3 Players, even to the extent of your phones and IPOD. The Samsung MM E460D is your universal music solutions for all kinds of music output. Besides its great adaptability to different formats, you can also connect the device through Bluetooth connection and transport your playlist through from another device. Therefore, if your sitting in one room you can easily switch the playlist without even having to go to the device. Its remote control features definitely a good bonus, allowing you to use all its functions through a press of button.

Dual Dock Capacity

With its dual dock capacity, a feature that is the highlight of this set, you can easily transfer your digital music files, connect your online playlist and do much more employing its multiple connectivity functions and restoring music from left, right and center.

Radio Recording

Its magnificent radio recording capacity can help you very conveniently record your favorite radio shows, pod-casts or playlists that are on air currently and listen to them whenever you want.

CD Ripping and Music Support

Convert your low quality audio files to high quality mp3 sounds with its CD-Ripping technology all thanks to MM E460-D’s built-in EZ Mp3 Maker.

Device Size

Do not underestimate its power due to its technical and crafted petty design, measuring a mere 5 inch, its speakers can make your party rock and give you an ultimate music experience similar to the clubs and pubs.

Power Bass function

The hard rock music, or a house techno, will never be the same with Samsung MM Dual Dock. Its powerful bass creates deep, enriching sounds and takes soul music to a completely different level. It is the entertainment system that operates on a different notch than other similar systems.


Samsung MM E460D comes with multiple connectivity and functional options. It can adjust to multiple outputs at one time. The ability to connect through a wire, headphones, AUX and mobile gives full marks to its versatility.

Pros of the product

The new Samsung MM E460D is a value addition system at homes, where music is rich in taste and people are lively. It’s never ending features is one of the greatest advantages that come with this product, to highlight some other exemplary additions we have made a list:

  • Creates the most perfect digital sounds, and has perfect multiple connectivity options, making it the most reliable system out there.
  • Its durability cannot be challenged with a brand like Samsung behind this innovation; it is surely set to take a long time for consumers now to switch to something else.
  • Experience true club like music at a very affordable price, something that is not easily available in the market.
  • Digital Audio Broadcasts provide great quality radio station sounds and convert your low quality music to finer mp3 tracks.
  • Easy to set up and connect and usable with Bluetooth and remote control device.

Cons of the product

  • Some of the key issues that have recently come up with the new Samsung MM E460D make however less of an impact but our critics do not want to miss on the areas that need attention. For example:
  • The radio signals seem to be weak in some locations, or the scanning does not properly detect all broadcasting channels.
  • The Bluetooth functionality fails to detect all Bluetooth devices occasionally, making it annoying for consumers.
  • The EQ settings get easily distorted when trying to set up a manual playback option.
  • Sometimes if both TV and Radio are connected together, the playback fails to differentiate and you hear clashing sounds coming from both sets.
  • The overall sounds seem to be perfect, occasions of disruptions with the radio music can cause a bit of nuisance.


The overall picture according to our critical analyses for Samsung MM E460D Dual Dock system looks brilliant. Though, we still have to wait for and see further consumer response to it. However Samsung has made a great start with the promotion of this product and is keeping its promise of quality and durability. The features are brilliant for something which is really not a heavy weight when it comes to price. Finally, we hope our Samsung MM E460D review provides a good judgment for any decision makers out there.

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