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Samsung HT-F5530 review‏

Today we’ve brought you the Samsung HT-F5530 review. The new HT-F5530 is a smart 5.1 home cinema that features Samsung’s Smart Hub technology. The HT-F5530 allows you to connect to the Internet and get access to a large amount of applications and easily stream movies from various video stores and watch your favorite films and YouTube videos. The Samsung HT-F5530 plays Blu-ray 3D discs and up scales your DVDs to 1080p, so that you always enjoy the best picture quality. Furthermore, running all modern media formats like MKV and DivX HD is a piece of cake for the Samsung HT-F5530. Through the USB port you can connect your external USB storage and play your media: now that is easy to do! It also allows you to play your music via Bluetooth wirelessly at your Smartphone.

Product Description/ Overview

All of us have enjoyed the amazing experience of the revolutionary 3D sound and video at cinemas, you can now immerse in the same pleasure from your own couch thanks to Samsung HT-F5530. Boasting a heart-throbbing 1,000Watt surround sound output, HT-F5530’s tallboy speakers coupled with compact ones can project high quality sound in the biggest spaces. The up-scale home cinema system is equally effective even when used with non-3D TVs, putting in one more dimension of amazing sound to your perfect movie experience.

The versatile Samsung home cinema speaker system also boasts a full HD 1080p enhancement of all the regular definition DVDs. The new Samsung system also allows you to wirelessly stream audio and video saved in your Smartphone and other similar devices through Bluetooth in order to bring the media to life via this amazing system.

The Samsung HT-F5530 review‏

Product Features

Advanced 3D sound effects providing a superior sound experience.

There is no superior means to enjoy the top-most in videos than in 3D upscale surround sound. Coupled with Samsung’s DTS processors the HT-F5530’s vertical surround creates solid 3D sound that creates a virtual cinema in your living room. With support of its five channel surround sound speakers, the DTS neo system provides a superior sound depth as well as secluded stereo channels, ensuring that sound seeps your ears from all corners of the room.

Excellent choice for a smart device.

Have your videos and movies molded to your desire and choices automatically thanks to 5 recommendations feature of the HT-F5530’s Blue-ray player. This advanced system is convenient and swift and the most fun way of enjoying your favorite content. And be sure that you’ll never have a dull day thanks to the Samsung Smart Hub coupled with its enhanced apps as well as service UI.

Delivering upscale surround sound right from TV.

Never allow bad sound quality destroy your family’s perfect movie experience. Thanks to Samsung’s sound-on attribute in its Blu-ray high-power home entertainment stable, you can now enjoy up-class surround sound input for your TV. With just a push of a button, a Sound-On short key, right on your remote control, you can enjoy the best in the surround sound. Now your family’s perfect movie session just got super.

Setting up is now a walk in the park.

The HT-F5530’s un-fussy speaker set-up mode lets you quickly and conveniently setup superior quality sound in your house. Forget the worries of positioning surround speakers thanks to a simple and convenient speaker setup system. With the help of intuitive GUI, just set the position of the surround speakers that will automatically boost stereo sound. The Blu-ray home entertainment setup enhances your perfect movie experience.

Samsung HT-F5530 review‏

Pros of Product

The new Samsung HT F5530-HD system comes with infinite advantages, its functionality and consumer value has no match in the market, some of its key elements that can be highlighted are:

  • Easy to setup and install: The set comes with easy to install user friendly equipment and a detailed user manual that makes the initial setup very easy.
  • Bluetooth: With the ability to connect with Wi-Fi, the HT F5530-HD has complete Bluetooth functionality adding to its multiples functional values.
  • Multiple Outputs: Multiple Outputs jacks provide connectivity to all other external entertainment mediums for example gaming console, PC, etc.
  • Real Imagery: With perfect quality and high definition input for your TV, you will have a true image experience.

Cons of the Product

Despite its impressive features there are few shortcomings that we wish to highlight as part of our critical review:

  • Price: Compared to local brands with similar functional levels, this Samsung speaker set is priced relatively high; this we understand comes from the brand name and its promise. However some local brands offer the same functions with a low price.
  • Durability: Research has indicated that the durability of some Samsung speaker sets have failed to impress the customers, however things with this one look very positive and bright.
  • Power Utilization: The speaker set comes with high technological capacity which increases the overall usage of power that can lead to high electricity bills.


The new Samsung HT-F5530 5.1 3D Smart Blu-ray Home Theatre System comes with brilliant features and quality. Samsung continues to deliver on its promise of excellent electronic products and this one is no less. Our critics and the overall trials show that this Home Theatre System is all set to establish a firm footprint in the world of 3D home theatre systems. If you are looking to truly enjoy the luxury and have a hefty wallet than we highly recommend this piece of brilliant technology. Enjoy your family or personal time with your personal cinematic experience; that is all we suggest from our Samsung HT-F5530 review.

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  1. Hi I had a Samsung 3d bluray surrounds system 5.1 HT -F5530 but the player is already broken. Everytime I play a disc it says loading ang it doesn’t play. All the speakers are in excellent condition. Just wondering if I can buy a player only? Please response.thanks

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