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Panasonic TX-50a400b review

For all HD TV buffs awaiting the new Panasonic TX-50A400B review from us, here you go! This product is unarguably one of the most sleek and stylish LED TVs around, combining the modern look as well as exquisite and useful features to make it an ideal TV for any home. This Panasonic TX-50A400B TV must be one of the best products in the market to this date, this comment has come from many past customers as well as our team.

The Free HD tuner, the V-audio sound system, the large angle viewing and all the new features that the Panasonic TVs come with give a whole new dimension to TV viewing.

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Product Description/Overview

Intricately designed, Panasonic TX-50A400b is a machine that is guaranteed to bring entertainment to your home by being full of amazing features that makes it your mini home cinema, your audio system and your ultimate gaming machine.

The black covering of the TV and its clear table top stand gives it a very discreet and unique look and matches the interior easily. The narrow bezel is silk like silver from the top while the rest of it is black which automatically draws the attention to the screen, it is all about the screen you know! This design easily sets in with the room’s décor which just enhances the utility of it.

Product Features

Superior Picture Quality with V-Real Pro and BLB technology:

Image quality defines a television experience. Panasonic TX-50a400b with its invention of V-Real Pro processing engine delivers the picture in high contrast and in high definition. It contains 100Hz Back Light Blinking (BLB) technology which enables the fast motions like action scenes, racing or racing games, etc, to be crisp and sound and into a smooth motion. Because of its wide viewing angle at 176 degrees, and the high resolution of 1080p, the picture quality can be enjoyed from anywhere in the room. With this TV, say no to blurry images and the pixelated images and enjoy the sharp, high contrast and crisp images and make the most of your home entertainment.

Outstanding Audio Performance with the V-audio:

This TV produces images so stunning it’s unreal! It also produces outstanding audio quality from the help of V-audio processing and 2 X 10W audio amplification which enhances the sound and gives it a surround sound and a cinema like effect. The speaker unit is so advance that it has excellent directional characteristics which help you enjoy the sound despite of your regular seating in the room. Say hello to your not-so-mini home cinema.

Review of the Panasonic TX-50a400b

Freeview HD Tuner:

Panasonic TX-50a400b not only has stunning picture and sound quality, but it also brings a built in HD Tuner which enables you to enjoy 100 TV and radio channels including 10 HD channels for free. So you can enjoy your TV viewing the moment you buy it, without having to subscribe and sign contracts with external cable service providers. Now that’s something!

Irresistible design:

The moment you lay your eyes on Panasonic TX-50a400b, you can’t help but get mesmerized by its looks. The narrow bezel and the clear table top stand, everything is designed for you to fully enhance your TV viewing experience while the slim and sleek design goes with the room interior hence fitting in just perfectly.

Additional Connectivity with USB and HDMI input:

Whether you want to enjoy your pictures on a larger screen, or you just want to enjoy your favorite music, just plug in your USB into the Panasonic TX-50a400b, and get ready to enjoy as all the content stored on your USB can be easily viewed on the TV screen. Not only that, VIERA’s huge screen and system also enables and lets you add background music and effects to your pictures whilst turning them into real memories.
The Panasonic TX-50A400B comes with 2 HDMI inputs, making it easier for you to connect other HD equipment that you may have, for example plug in your gaming consoles or Blu-ray players etc. and turn gaming into crisp and sharp magic with the stunning video quality.

Energy Efficient:

By incorporating high-efficiency LED Panels, Panasonic TX-50a400b is A+ Energy Efficient rated, with its on mode power consumption being 58 watts, which simply means one thing that you can watch all you want without having energy consumption on your mind, which means that you can actually enjoy watching them.

  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 cm; 15 Kg
  • Boxed-product Weight: 20 Kg
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Picture Mode: Dynamic/Normal/Cinema/True Cinema/Game
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 80 kWh/year – based on 4 hours of operation per day for a full year
  • Screen Resolution: 1,920 (W) x 1,080 (H)
  • Power Supply: AC 220 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Pros of the Product

The sleek and slim look that the Panasonic TX-50a400b comes with is just a cherry on top of a perfectly baked and iced cake. As evident from our Panasonic TX-50A400b review, all the amazing features that are part of this advanced machine form Panasonic make it a complete home entertainment solution.

  • The picture quality is unmatched; it is sharp, crisp and high contrast which makes it perfect for games, movies, etc.
  • The surround sound produced with the V-audio technology really brings the whole image to life.
  • The auto tuning is quick and easy, which makes setting the whole TV taking just minutes.
  • It is light weight, which just adds to its utility as it is easier to move and fix, although with its wide screen and 176 degrees viewing, everyone in the room is pretty well accommodated.
  • It comes with controls for backlight, contrast, sound, child lock and lots more to customize the TV according to your needs.

Cons of the Product

Although there are so many advantages and features described above justify the purchase of Panasonic TX-50a400b, however, there are some drawbacks of it – which certainly don’t mean anything, however, in order to give a fair picture, it should be put in here.

  • The 2 HDMI input are less for many people, as with the growth in technology, people want to connect more and more of their HD equipment, and it may become a hassle to plug in and plug out devices to utilize all of them.
  • The USB port in it only supports drives smaller than 16 GB – where 16 GB is a huge amount of data, in today’s world it might be a small amount.


We hope that our Panasonic TX-50a400b review succeeded in explaining all the features of this incredible piece of machinery which brings a whole new level of TV experience into your home; from the absolute gorgeous picture quality, to its incredible surround sound and its slim and modern look to its amazing features, it just brings utter delight to have it in your home.

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