Logitech Z506 review

Before we start our Logitech Z506 review, consider the fact that we all love speakers that give out a perfectly toned sound of our favorite tracks, the Logitech Z506 is something that is bound to impress.

Product Description/ Overview

The new set of surround sound speakers are the more advanced and versatile version of their previous X-350 set and are slightly higher in price in comparison to previous models. However, mind you, the price still beats the rest of the top of the line competition that is currently available in the market. The set comes with a beautifully designed compact sub-woofer and enviably svelte satellites, which makes them one of the most technically sound and better looking sets of speakers we have seen in a long time. As with conventional speaker sets, the front and rear satellites can be used as free-standing while the center of the speaker set has the amazing flexibility with a cleverly designed fold-out stand which can adjust itself at any position anywhere, so you can keep it up on the television set, or sideways that is entirely up to you.

All controls are located towards the right of the satellite speakers and power or volume buttons are well within the reach now. If you wish to attach a set of headphones with your speaker then there is a very conveniently designed 3.5mm headphone jack. With different controls and functionality to offer it is important to remember that the right satellite connects to sub woofer using a serial cable while others through a friendly phone cable. You just do not have to worry about the flexibility and reach of the wires, with 2.5m wires in length you have a lot of room to play around with positioning.

The test tracks on these speakers are enough to justify how amazingly crafted this piece of bass speakers is and really justifies a slight increase in its price.

The Logitech Z506 reviewProduct Features

The Logitech Z506 speakers come with a 5.1 surround sound system on a very budget friendly checklist. These speakers are best option for personal movie night or a friendly gaming hour. The sub woofer part of speakers now have complete bass control, so if you are looking to adjust the booming effect on your tracks then do it right from the speakers very conveniently. The surround sound speakers come with a 75w output which can beat any top of the line speakers that are available in the market. It also has a great 3D stereo effect that only comes with some of the most highly expensive sets of speakers.

Logitech Z506 multiple input and output settings enables you to add more functionality to the original set for example the extension of headphone jacks, the ability to connect another set of speakers through the same jack and its wire flexibility that comes with a good enough length allowing multiple positioning of all the elements. This sound quality is absolutely perfect and genuine free of unnecessary distortions or disruptions. If we talk about the sub woofer, its 4inch driver goes down to the reflex point creative a massive 27W RMS effect giving you the perfect bass sound you would imagine to be. The 5.1 surround sound impact is compatible only with windows computer, however you can also switch the same to 2.1 if you are willing to go on a tad relaxed mode. The 5 different pieces of speakers that come with the main set makes the Z506 look almost a complete set and nothing looks vague.

Finally if we talk about its connectivity than the Logitech 506 has no limitations, its multiple output designs allows you to connect to different mediums of sound for example television, gaming console and computer all at once, although it would be foolish to expect the audio from all these mediums coming at the same time, however it saves a lot of your time and effort to keep changing the connections which is this convenient option is a great add-on.

Logitech Z506Pros of Product

Logitech Z506 has unmatchable quality and sound impact to start with. Its quality and perfection can easily compete with some top of the line extremely expensive speakers out there in the market, while this little beauty is very budget friendly.

The major advantages with the set is its multiple output functions, as said saves a lot of effort in re-connecting speakers with different mediums, you can easily connect three or four mediums together. Another great advantage is the bass control that is given with the subwoofer; it allows users to manually set the tone and impact of bass over the audio that is generated. Everyone has different likeness to the bass so this is something really great functional value. The speakers come with easy flexibility and intuitive set-up nothing that is rocket science in connecting them. Finally one major advantage of this piece is its surround sound effect that is surely astonishing given its design, size and price.

Cons of Product

After all the glamour and hoo haa over Logitech, we feel obligated to highlight some areas where there is a slight lack. To start with the speaker’s volume starts to create surprising distortions when taken up more than 40%. This is either because of the volume that it generates which is too loud or improper bass control after a certain range. Now that is something that Logitech should really look into. Secondly the speakers with their design and use give out the idea that they are not ideal for a home theatre or cinematic experience. Their limitations run around only to PC, windows or gaming consoles, again their functionality surpasses the use of these speakers so it is entirely up to the user requirement. Finally one major disappointment that is very evident the moment you open up the speaker set is that there is no remote control feature; every time you wish to change something you will have to run back to the main set this could prove to be a real turn off for some fans.


This Logitech Z506 review proves the speaker set is very good value for money. Despite some of its limitations they can easily match some highlighted brands that are competitive to Logitech. Logitech has surely stepped up the game in the budget-friendly speakers genre and the competition is all set to receive a tough fight with this set of speakers that not only confirms to a low-budget checklist but also for someone who is looking for functionality.

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