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Best VR laptops Lenovo ThinkPad

Get ready for the virtual reality revolution! VR is coming, and 2017 looks set to be the year it makes it to the mainstream. If you love video games, you will need to have the right tech available to access the latest content. One such machine which is ready for VR and perfect for gaming is the Lenovo ThinkPad P71.

This great Lenovo notebook was one of the VR-ready laptops we highlighted earlier in the month. The Lenovo ThinkPad P71 is all set for connecting up your choice of virtual reality headset and enjoying the very best in immersive 3D graphics. It is also the ideal machine for computing professionals, such as designers and developers, and it is one of the best portable gaming PCs out this year.

Lenovo ThinkPad P71

  • Price: To Be Confirmed
  • Due for release April 2017
  • Intel Xeon E3-v6 processor
  • NVIDIA Quadro P5000M graphics
  • 17 inch 4K UHD screen
  • 64 GB RAM; 2 TB storage

Best VR laptops Lenovo ThinkPad

Power and performance

If we are talking processing power, it is hard to beat the Intel Xeon E3-v6 right now. This great CPU has the kick of a desktop in a convenient portable size, and it delivers the power needed to handle the 4K display and the VR-ready engine. It is one of the best gaming computers we have seen this year, especially in terms of value for money, and it looks like it will take the market by storm when it is released in April 2017.

Storage and memory

Lenovo obviously know how important storage is to a good laptop, because they have gone all out to make this one of the most capable drives in the portable market today. Not only do you get a staggering 2 TB right there on the internal drive, but there is an optional upgrade as well. Stick with old school media and choose the disk drive version, or have it swapped out for a further 1 TB of hard drive space in the disk bay.

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Graphics and display

Take advantage of in-plane switching and give the NVIDIA Quadro graphics a boost – the laptop is capable of an impressive 3840 x 2160 pixel output for viewing UHD content at its full potential. The card also works well with a connected virtual reality headset or device, producing a high and consistent frame rate and a cool 4K display. Developers, gamers and movie fans alike will adore the quality this laptop produces.

Price and value

The Lenovo P71 is expected to hit the shelves at around $1,799 (roughly £1436) when it release in March. While that isn’t cheap, it is incredible value and certainly not to be missed. If the P71 is a little out of your budget, there are also two smaller models in the series: the P51s and the P51. These smaller, lower-spec models are still impressive pieces of kit and are certainly worth a look if the largest model in the series is out of your budget range.

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