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JBL Flip

A CES 2014 Honoree – Experience the Wireless Speaker That Makes Your Music Come Alive

Discover the amazing JBL Flip portable speaker and see what music can really sound like! Featuring a built in microphone and rechargeable convenience, the JBL Flip is an ideal wireless stereo system for smart phones and tablets.

Two 1 5/8” (40mm) drivers and a built-in bass port ensures full-range JBL sound with surprisingly powerful bass – all in a compact portable package.

The JBL Flip is built for frequent use and offers up to 5 hours of playback time from its built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery. It will connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth-equipped device. Featuring performance that other products in its price range can’t match, the JBL Flip is your #1 choice for a wireless portable stereo speaker.

Bluetooth Technology

The JBL Flip portable speaker streams stereo music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-equipped device. With this feature, the quality JBL sound is available from a wide variety of portable devices, including smart phones and tablets.

Built-In Bass Port

Many portable speakers seriously lack when it comes to reproducing good sounding bass, but not JBL portable speakers. The JBL Flip comes with a built-in bass port and provides a quality bass sound that outshines similar portable speaker systems.

Internal Microphone and Call-Answering Button

Sometime the music just has to stop for just a moment. If you are expecting an important call, there’s a microphone and a call-answer button that makes it easy to answer calls right from the speaker. Read the customer reviews on amazon.co.uk

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