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How To Choose The Right Laptop For You

Desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, – each of various different kinds – just so much technology everywhere, it can certainly overpower anyone, especially those who are not into technology but still need a good solution to get their work done. Laptops are the easiest solution to get major things done – work around the excel files to manage budget, plan vacations, etc., Word document to write notes and important documents, play around pictures, watch movies and play games, the options are just endless. Unfortunately, with the abundance of technology, a newbie in tech or not a very tech savvy person can easily get confused and overwhelmed. With the new technology and new options in laptops coming up daily, this task of choosing a laptop is not getting any easier. So how do you know which one to buy? Well, keep reading to solve this puzzle.

Ask Yourself: What Do You Actually Require

Laptops are of different kinds and for different uses, so to pick the right one for yourself, just ask yourself these simple questions to make your task easier:

  • Do you prefer speed?
  • Do you travel a lot? Do you want the laptop to be mobile with you all the time?
  • Are you going to only use it for business? Or personal things, or both?
  • Will you be using it for gaming?
  • The budget you want to allocate to it?
  • Do you have any brand preferences?

By asking the above and more of such questions, you will end up with a list of choices to choose from. Once you know what you want to buy (with the help of the above questions), as well as what you are going to utilize it for, it’s now the time to move towards the subcategories.

The Subcategories

The subcategories enable you to further build on and narrow down the list of choices that you already have. For example, your laptop’s processing power will determine the kind of work and functions that the laptop can support. The processor is among the most integral parts of the computer which along with the RAM your computer has, allows the computer to run faster. More RAM and high intensity processor means a faster computer. This will depend on the usage of the computer. For instance, a gamer would need a high processing power, a big RAM, graphics card (most likely built in), a HD screen and amazing sound quality in his/her laptop. Such kinds of specifications are important for all intense kind of work. The specifications vary according to the kind of work that you want to do. An incredible processing power will be required for programmers, graphic designers, music recordings, etc.

Is Your Budget Tight?

Laptops are very versatile, which makes their price variable as well. That having said, it does not mean that there are no basic computers, or the mid-level computers. Computers, just like desktops can be upgraded, which makes it simple to buy a good laptop even when you have a tight budget. You will just have to add on things which the computer is missing. The key functions will still be performed by the laptop, and you might need to purchase more RAM for it, for example, or add or upgrade to other advanced features in a basic laptop if you want to. The processor of a laptop can be upgraded as well, just like that of personal computers.

Similarly, if you want to go for a complete customized solution with everything that you want in it, and your budget allows for it, then you may perhaps would want to go for a compete customized laptop.

Basically it all comes down to what you are going to use your laptop for; identifying your needs in the beginning of a laptop hunt makes your job much easier. After that, it really depends on your pocket when it comes to buying a laptop.

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  1. Hello! It is very interesting article. And I can agree that it is not necessary to have big sum of money to buy qualitative laptop. You always can upgrade it! Last year I have bought cheap used Acer, but it still has got good screen resolution and bright colors. And now i am going to replace its processor and I hope it will work for at least 2-3 years.

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