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Garmin Camper 760LMT-D review

Our latest Garmin Camper 760 LMT-D Review highlights a new era in GPS tracking and real-time maps for caravans and Motor homes. We will provide some critical analysis on this new and advanced technology that hits the market with tons of new features and updates. The review will also entail some of the shortcomings that consumers have found over the use of the product.

Product Description/Overview

The Garmin Camper 760 LMT-D is another latest innovation in GPS tracking and online mapping. It allows multiple functions, best suited to large caravans and Motorhomes. The company has introduced a device that can provide a great directional guide and assistance to all van and lorry drivers. Going to a new alien location now, is not a problem at all, whether you are delivering a consignment or just going camping.

With a 7-inch display the device is one of the best in the market, especially for routes within Europe and Great Britain. It has a powerful output, with high contrast colors and sharp, crisp images. With free lifetime updates, the Garmin Camper 760 LMT-D is one of the best bargains in the GPS market.

Garmin Camper 760LMT-D

Product Features

A comprehensive summary of Garmin Camper’s never ending features is as follows:

A complete camper’s guide: Sat nav camping has never been so powerful; discover the new camping sites with precised location discovery and powerful assistance. With the new cam specific feature, you can pin point some of the most exotic camping sites that were never found before. It is a true camping guide.

Free maps for life: A never ending list of all maps and locations is available for lifetime, without any subscription or premium surcharge.

Voice recognition and driving guidance: Whether you are going on a new road or an inexperienced driver, the voice recognition and complete driving guidance through the Garmin Camper 760 LMT-D is there for all your assistance.

Wireless Camera: Reversing is no more a problem, with a Garmin Camper wireless camera. It shows you everything that is going on at the back end of your vehicle, allowing you to reverse or park with complete convenience.

One stop platform for Device management: The Garmin Camper site is your one stop platform for all kinds of device management. Whether you are looking for troubleshooting solutions or an update, the Garmin Camper has provided you with easy solutions right there.

The Garmin Camper 760LMT-D review

Pros of the product

Our next section of the Garmin Camper 760 LMT-D Review will highlight some of the major advantages that come with this device:

  • Smart phone compatibility: The Garmin Camper 760 has complete smart phone compatibility. You can have all the latest maps, forecast and locations directly on your phone.
  • Alerts and services: With the Garmin Camper 760, wherever you are, it will alert you to all the nearby recreational places, restaurants, takeaways and other key places that you would want an alert for. It also gives you all the weather and traffic forecasts allowing you to properly plan your journey.
  • Voice activated guidance: Will leave drivers at ease, the instructions will automatically be played without having to look or touch the device.

Cons of the product

  • Wrong measurement and indications: Customers have complained that the vehicle measurements of Garmin Camper are not up to the mark. It does not properly indicate whether a large lorry or truck will pass through a certain bridge.
  • Irregular road info: Some of the sites give outdated or irregular road info.
  • Lack of memory: Not enough memory to download new maps.


For all caravan drivers and Motor homes the Garmin Camper 760LMT-D is a must-buy GPS Tracking Device. As they say, it is not possible to satisfy everyone so despite some shortcomings mentioned in our Garmin Camper 760 LMT-D Review, the device is an amazing bargain and beats its competition miles apart.

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