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Finlux 32H6072-D

Before going onto our Finlux 32H6072-D review let’s spare a thought on television sets. For everyone, television has become a necessity more than a want now. There is hardly a household across the social class setup in any country that is without the blessing of a television.

Product Description/ Overview

Television has passed its conventional use, today the rising popularity in television evolution is the part and parcel of electronic brands available in the market. No longer, are the customers satisfied with a basic television set with few channels and a basic set of screen, we all love big television sets that give out a crystal clear picture, something that we can enjoy during our personal or family time.

Perfectly catering to such needs is the new Finlux 32H6072 LED TV that not only has an amazing High Definition picture quality but also comes with a great functional value adding to its tremendous user experience.

The LED TV to start with, is a whopping 32 inches in size which means it’s not too big or too small just the perfect size for your room, and has a back light to deliver bright, fresh looking colors. It’s crisp picture quality and design is something that matches top of the line brands out there in the market. The LED lightening behind the television set comes with no-mercury element that enables the set to consume less power hence improving your overall power utilization.

An integrated Free view tuner that comes with this LED screen will allow you to watch and tune your favorite channels and shows across the country without any requirement of a set-up box.  Simply connecting the set with an aerial and scanning is all that it takes to get you up and going.  Adding to this function comes with multiple connectivity options, allowing users to connect other external devices with the TV hence making it a complete package.

Product Features

The new Finlux 32H6072 LED screen comes with great features and specifications, if we start mentioning some key features, it is not hard to imagine that the brand easily competes with some highly recognized LED brands available in the market.

A complete entertainer

The Finlux LED TV with its additional functional value allows you to connect multiple AV sources like your gaming console, home cinema system, your DVD-player and other multiple multimedia mediums.

Convenient and user-friendly

Fully functional remote control allows you to switch between your connect AV sources with a single press of a button.

True Colors and Imaging

Bright & Crisp LED- The new Finlux LED TV comes with the best contrast ratios that display a very crisp, detailed and sharp image. Their width is almost nothing that makes them very fashion-sized compared to other traditional LCD or High Definition TV sets.

High Definition Ready

The High Definition Ready function will allow you to enjoy High Definition channels in their true capacity and display. The experience of High Definition is unmatchable with this LED set. Now watch all the hyped football games or a great action packed movies on true high definition colors with the ability to live pause it and view later.

You are the one who makes the decision

The recording utility is one of the best functions of this product, with this TV set you can never miss your favorite program or a match, because with easy tuning you can very conveniently leave the program on record and come back to watch it.

No Set-up box required

Free view system keeps your top-box expenses at bay, with its capacity to scan channels with just an aerial connection and basic scanning.

Electronic Programming Guide

With Finlux 32H6072 LED you can now easily schedule what shows you wish to watch when, as well as get complete details of what shows are currently going on which channels.

The Finlux 32H6072-DPros of the Product

Finlux 32H6072, advantages are undeniable:

  • The freedom to record live programming, one of the best features that are usually found on some of the very highly expensive television or set-up box sets.
  • The LED TV set lets you see a highlight on-screen of some of the favorite shows that are going on, over different channels; you can decide to schedule or watch them right away. Scheduling of TV shows can be done up to 7 days in advance, again a feature that has taken much appreciation in the market from all the critics.
  • An extra USB port along with multiple AV output jacks is beautifully positioned making it very convenient for users. Multiple outputs highlight a lot of functional value.
  • High definition colors with sharp image and beautiful designed set that is extra slim in size.
  • Free view Tuning option allows users to scan for channels without having to buy a set-up box.

Cons of the product

  • The absence of streaming and satellite channels integration like Netflix or ITV.
  • No Lan port or Wi-Fi feature, which still keeps the television set, disconnected from internet technology, a feature that is highly adopted by latest innovating brands in the market.
  • The freeview tuning option occasionally fails to scan channels; the problem has been highlighted over the critics review before.
  • The USB port and television set only supports basic video format not a universal playing option.
  • The remote buttons are slightly short in size making it difficult to understand each button functions and takes time for users to get used to it.


The latest Finlux 32H6072 32 Inch LED TV screen is a great buy for not only a budget friendly wallet but also someone who is just looking for a good television set. The TV is perfect for personal or family use, commanding a great high definition picture along with multiple functions, allowing users to truly enjoy the modern generation television system. It might have some shortcomings compared to the more advanced versions in the market that are available for a tad bit high price, after all our Finlux 32H6072-D review seems very positive and a must try for all television users or buyers out there.

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