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All the football players and gaming addicts, it is time for the marquee FIFA edition to arrive and if you have not yet seen what is going to unfold then before proceeding further watch the latest FIFA 15 Trailer on our website.

On the 25th and 26th September 2014 the football pitch will be on fire when the latest edition in the most elite brands of football gaming takes the center stage worldwide with a cross platform release.

If you are expecting anything close to the last year’s version of FIFA then you are really in for a surprise. The change in engine for PCs and advanced gaming technology for consoles have completely changed the dynamics of this year’s title and one can easily see the contrasting difference between the two from the teasers released earlier this year.

Feel the intensity and emotions right from the pitch

For the first time in the history of gaming, emotional intelligence has been tried and tested. Players now have the intelligence and memories based around the whole dynamism of the match. With over 600 emotional responses your player is as emotionally attached to the game as you are. See the way your striker reacts after missing a goal, or how he responds to a really bad tackle.

Dynamic and real life matches

Every match has a story to unfold. The new animations from the bench, complete overhaul in the commentary and club specific fan reactions, are just one of the sparks in a game that is a thriller right from the first whistle. The new form of celebrations now includes a 10-men goal celebrations and reaction from the bench, something that will excite the cold fans out there.

Pitch Intelligence, in game strategy and Team tactics

Team management has the capacity to save three different team sheets according to your opposing team. Managers can now instruct individual players on their approach to allow them to fit in the formation and system of play. Your players will realize what is going on in the match and will react accordingly.

Goalkeeping Transformation

If you are tired of your goalkeeper from previous versions of FIFA, then EA Sports will not disappoint you further. The art of goalkeeping has been transformed to include 100 different kinds of animation and saves as well as new kinds of deflections.

Close to real-life atmosphere

The EA Sports football gets close to reality every year, witness more lively crowd with authentic and beautiful visuals. The detailing in player modeling has changed the way players look and behave; their kits react to the environment and setting as they get dirty over a slide or get affected by strong breeze.

Control and man-to-man battles

The ball control is now more smooth and seamless; imagine leaving the defenders in the dust with Messi controlling the ball, all that is now possible with ultra- smooth control.

The man to man battles are even more realistic and effective. If you have a strong defender in your line-up, out muscle the striker in the blink of an eye and win back the ball.

The most authentic football experience

This year’s EA Sports FIFA 15 will feature the most authentic game play in the history of football gaming. Complete licenses of popular leagues throughout the world, Match Day Live update and perfectly designed stadiums as seen from the FIFA 15 Trailer are just the start to an amazing gaming journey.

Ultimate Team

The ultimate team is back with even more realistic competition and player ratings.

Career Mode

FIFA 15 career mode never fails to satisfy the urge to become a manager of your favorite clubs. Transfer window, the matches, the cups and challenges are further re-invented to get you excited and hooked up right from the start till the end.


Considering that this goodie will be on offer soon, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that this would be the best Christmas and year-end yet. Get your hands on right on the release day by pre-ordering and get your FIFA skills kicking. FIFA 15 Trailer and specifics seem to make it the game to look out for and lend a true impression that the ultimate Football daddy is arriving.

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