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E-PRANCE A434 New Arrival 2.7” car dash-cam review

Today we’ve brought you our E-PRANCE A434 New Arrival 2.7” car dash-cam review. Car accidents are hardly an exception anymore. Every day, we experience these incidents either our selves, or a friend or family member becomes a victim of these stressful, dangerous and costly incidents. One of the most disturbing aspects of these incidents is the decision about who is responsible for the mishap. This leads to conflicts and unfair penalties on the party that has no mistake at all. The best solution is a dash-cam to record the pre and post incident happenings. And when it comes to dash-cams, what better a dash-cam than the E-PRANCE A434 New Arrival 2.7. Here is a detailed look on this amazing product that provides high quality video recording with advanced features like night vision and wide angle views.

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Product Description/ Overview

E-PRANCE A434 2.7” is by far the most amazing camera for the price it is offered. With advanced features like a 2.7 inch High Definition TFT display screen coupled with an advanced camera that provides 170 degree super wide angle view and a 3.5 Mega Pixels, this is unarguably an amazing gadget. The camera provides image resolutions in various size formats ranging from 1920x1080P at 30FPS to 640×480 at 30FPS with a MOV video format. The interface of the device is clean and user friendly and supports multiple languages including some less used ones like Pyccknn, something which you can’t find too often in other similar devices. The camera has a built in memory of 128MB which are enough to get you going even when there is no external memory card available while the card slot supports a TF card.

Product Features

Motion Detection.

The camera starts recording video automatically upon detection a motion or accident. This ensures that the cam doesn’t miss any important moment just because you failed to press the record button.

Loop Record Feature.

The Loop Record feature of the device deletes the earliest video automatically to make space for the new video recording when the TF card runs out of memory space.

Number Plate Stamp.

The video will have the number plate of your car stamped on it in order to serve as a proof about who recorded the video.


The G-Sensor of the device can lock your desired files to keep them from being overwritten even when the memory card runs out of space.

E-PRANCE A434 New Arrival 2.7” reviewPros Of The Product

  • A High Speed Processor: The dash-cam system boasts the advanced and fast Novatek 96650 processor which means that there will be no time lag in recording the videos and the device remains highly responsive to your commands.
  • Night Vision: The camera provides a great night-vision feature which lets you record videos even in the darkest spots just with the help of your car lights. This is in contrast to similar products that can’t record a thing at night where there are no street lights.
  • Durable: The device’s shell is made of a strong mix of materials called Aluminum-magnesium alloy which ensures that you don’t end up wasting your money while trying to give the device or your car a cleanup. This also ensures that the recording system remains safe even in case of an accident that damages the interior of the car.

Cons Of The Product

  • Low Memory Storage: If you really push us to find a con of the product then it would be the low memory space of the device which is limited to 32GB in the form of external card.
  • No External Card Included: This device doesn’t come with an external card and you have to buy it separately which means you can’t be up and running as soon as you open the box of the device. The 128 MB internal memory only supports video recording of a few minutes.


With features like advanced night-vision, high processing speeds, wide angle of view and motion detection, this amazing device can compete with some of the significantly higher priced dash-cams and therefore presents the best value for your money. We are sure that our E-PRANCE A434 New Arrival 2.7” car dash-cam review will help you make the right decision.

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  1. I’ve recently bought a E-PRANCE® A434 New Arrival 2.7″ Car Dvr Camera Recorder 1080P 30FPS with 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens Support G-sensor Motion Detection Loop Recorder
    from amazon Order # 026-6456322-8969136
    Could you send me the user manual PDF?

    Many thanks

  2. i cant get my camera to record properly it will run for 15 seconds then stop and start recording again i have set the loop recording to 5 mins anyone please help

    • We highly suggest you look through the user manual which we provided in the previous comment, if your still finding it difficult to operate, we suggest you contact E-PRANCE directly.


  3. The instruction manual that came with this camera is not very clear. I can not use the camera properly because I can not set it up properly. To start with the instructions tell me to press (M) twice, which is this button? I think that if I could find that out I would be able to do some of the set up.

  4. Hi can you tel me how I can get play back on my laptop have tried with usb cable supplied and with inserting memory card direct just carnt open the files any suggestions cheers

  5. All people looking for a user manual, Please carefully look at the above comments where I have added a link to the manual.

    Thanks everyone!

  6. I don’t seem able to charge my camera,it works ok when connected to the car but doesn’t charge,and when connected to my laptop it flashes for a couple of minutes showing the first screen then changes to mass storage for viewing on PC but doesn’t charge the camera
    Any suggestions please?

  7. So while I wait for the SD card to arrive I can still record video on the 128mb internal memory? If so maybe that will provide enough to loop record for perhaps a few minutes? Anyone doing this already?

  8. HI All..had this camara for a few weeks now,,and very pleased with it,,,just found that the recent recordings are upside down on the screen on record and playback,???? strange,,,,,,wonder if you have come across this problem yet,,,,have tried everything but am still sitting next to ceiling lights,,,,,,thanks in anticipation ,,,,AL

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