Doro Phone Easy 612 Review

For people who take phone simply as a tool for staying connected, and have poor vision, poor mobility or other such impairments that make it hard for them to handle the modern whizz-bangs, they need to have a look at our Doro Phone Easy 612 review. Doro is a simple phone that is made specifically to cater to the needs of those who want a simple and clean phone with all the necessary features to fulfill the needs of this era of technology.

Product Features/Overview

Doro Phone Easy 612 is a newly launched flip-phone that boasts a durable and easy-to-use system for the less-tech-savvy users. Easy 612 is a compact cell that is built to last and provides comfort of use and is easy to carry as well. Made from a collage of soft and hard scratch-resistant plastic, it can more than easily take the beating of the daily use. The phone only weighs 103g which adds no strain on pocket or hand while the phone’s curved edges with textured finish ensure a firm grip. They keypad of the phone is also design to facilitate usage by elderly people and boasts a fully back-lit keypad with a variety of quick-launch hot keys to provide swift access to regularly used features like access to favorite contacts, voice mail, camera and texting.

Our review of the Doro Phone Easy 612


Product Features

Automatic Assistance Button

The phone has an automatic assistance button which when pressed can ring or text your specified numbers for help in emergency.

All Essential Tech

The phone has an 800mAh Li-Ion battery that gives more than 530 hours of life on standby and around 12 hours of talk time. The 2.4” screen with a 320×240 resolution gives a great pixel density to boost ease of visibility. A 2 Mega Pixel camera has also been added to the bundle to ensure you can capture all your favorite moments.

An Automatic Guide

When the phone is turned on for the first time, a guide automatically starts running to guide you through about how to set up the phone.

A Charging Cradle

To remove the hassle of connecting the phone to a cable, Doro Phone Easy 612 comes with a charging cradle so that you can just drop the mobile into the cradle and start battery charging.

Doro Phone Easy 612


Pros of the Product

  • Great Voice Quality: The mobile really excels in call voice quality. The developers of the phone have worked very hard to make sure the mobile delivers clarity of voice and volume levels which far exceed the levels of its competitors.
  • Hearing Aid Compatible: Doro Easy 612 is completely hearing aid compatible making it easy for those with hearing difficulties to experience clear voice calls with their hearing aid device.
  • Flip Receive and End Call Feature: To answer the call, just flip the phone open and to end the call, just close it. This is especially helpful for people with vision problems and they don’t have to mess with small buttons to receive or end calls.

Cons of The Product

  • Pretty Thick Body: In contrast with the latest slim phones, the Doro Phone Easy 612 has a chassis measuring a massive 20mm thick when closed.
  • Higher Price: Though the phone is convenient and the low feature aspect of the phone adds to the ease of use, but it also means that it costs less to produce phones like these. However, the low production price benefits are not passed to the buyers and the price of the phone is pretty high.


With a simple and clean interface, a reasonably sized screen and other practical features coupled with simplicity and durability, Doro provides a great balance between ease of use and nice features. We are sure that our Doro Phone Easy 612 review would have provided you a detailed overview of this amazingly reliable and simple phone.

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