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Destiny: The Taken King

Straight in at the top of the UK game charts on its December 10 release, Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition is the ideal collectors’ package. It is rare to see an expansion pack pick up such great demand, but this Legendary edition includes the original Destiny game, all DLC content and the brand new chapter The Taken King, all in one game package. It is sure to pick up new Destiny fans as well as offering something extra for those who loved the original game. If you are looking for a new game which works with current or previous generation consoles, Destiny: The Taken King might be the adventure you are seeking. It would also make a great gift for the gamer in your life.


The Destiny game launched in 2014, developed and released by the Bungie team who had risen to international fame through the outstanding success of the Halo series. Destiny is a FPS action-adventure game at its core, with plenty of open world role-playing elements. It features online MMO interctivity as well as offline individual storylines and campaigns, so it offers something for most types of players.

In Destiny, your role as a Guardian is to protect the Earth’s only remaining safe city from invasion by hostile alien forces. Action takes place within the expansive surrounding universe, and the player faces threats from both the environment and alien life as they travel. Passing missions and winning battles helps the player to progress the storyline and had towards their destiny.

Destiny was expanded shortly after its initial release with DLC packs The Dark Below and House of Wolves. The new content gives the player additional map areas, new characters and extra missions, and was made available to PlayStation customers first thanks to the exclusive deal Sony and Bungie have. However, since September 2015 the DLC packs have been available to players across all platforms.

Destiny Game

The Taken King

The Taken King is more than an expansion pack – it is a whole new chapter added into the Destiny series. Not quite a full game but more than a typical DLC extension, The Taken King picks up where The Dark Below left off. Following the events of the last mission in that pack, the player now faces a new set of challenges. Humiliated by defeat, the Taken King is plotting revenge on the player and needs to be stopped before his army can mobilise. The new chapter also adds three Strike missions in multiplayer mode, and opens up a new set of maps to explore as well.

This is likely to be the last installment of Destiny action for now, as the studio has confirmed further paid content has been shelved. It looks like 2016 will see the announcement of a sequel to the Destiny game – watch this space for more information!

The Legendary Edition

Ready to play with all content included, this complete Destiny package is the best way to experience the game for the first time. You will be able to unlock everything there is and enjoy all the new DLC gameplay elements, right from the start. You won’t need to wait for the next installment either – everything is ready to play, right away. PlayStation 4 gamers will be able to really make the most of the package, as it includes exclusive Sony-only weapons, clothing and Strike missions. In 2016, the content will launch for Xbox and PC as well.

The Taken King was very well received on its initial launch, and judging by its opening day success it seems the Legendary Edition is going to be high on everyone’s Christmas lists this year. Players are reporting that previous glitches, such as unfinished areas and missing dialogue files, have all but vanished and the remastered version is smooth and simple to play. The graphics look sharper than ever, and with so much extra content you definitely won’t be bored!

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