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For all hardcore gamers out there and fans of Call of Duty, it is time to unveil the most iconic revelation, the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Trailer. Since the trailer is here so it means that this treat is soon going to shake the gaming world apart by its dramatic/cinematic game play and modern day graphics. The new edition of the game will be a vision of all futuristic wars that has the ingredients of both strategic input and technological drama. Experience the real nuclear war like atmosphere that keeps you engrossed in the game all day. The new version will have cross platform release for Windows, XBOX 360, PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE later towards the end of September and is the most anticipated first person action packed thriller of 2014.

The latest installment of Call of Duty will be the eleventh edition in the growing legacy of its brand and will have some of the best features utilizing the full technology of latest gaming consoles:

A New Era in Modern Warfare

Activision combines with Sledgehammer Games in this upcoming release, along with the story line and on the edge of your seat performance by Kevin Spicey. The new team adds some real spice to the game play. Call of Duty Modern Warfare sets players on to the most happening battlegrounds of the world, where it envisions futuristic wars and technological advancements as player’s progress through different milestones and levels in the storyline.

The game is set in the year of 2054, where a group of powerful military force has the objective to save human race from critical and mass devastation, after the entire world is endangered due to a massive global war threatened by a terrorist group.

High Intensity Graphics

Explore the war-ridden world with some extreme and high intensity graphics utilizing the full capacity of your dedicated graphic card. As apparent from the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Trailer, detailing and modeling has gone up by two notches. The game uses all the latest output features, combined with high resolution and contrasting images that give you cinematic experience throughout the game. The cut-scenes look exactly like they are some shots from a movie.

Soldiers Of The Future

The use of Exoskeletons has changed the dynamics of your soldier; they are even more powerful and can be deployed onto the battle ground with extreme lethal and fatal force. The introduction of different dynamics in the detailing and modeling of your character involving the effects of bio mechanics provide for a more flexible and enhanced player movements. The jumping, crawling and running will never the same.

Weapons Of The Future

The utilization of modern day technology and power of gaming consoles is clearly evident in this version of Call of Duty. The use advanced warfare weapons; your soldier is equipped with lethal machine guns and explosives that were never seen in any version before. Players will also have the freedom to decide whether to choose standard ammunition or all new versions of enhanced-energy weapons that can take the gaming experience to a whole new level.

Multi-player Gaming

This year, all the previous issues underlying in multi-player and online gaming arena has been addressed and the players can immerse in the most thrilling and interactive multi-player game-play with the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare.


This year Activision is again all set to hit the bulls-eye with the all new Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The game play seems to be extremely promising and features are something that will excite the gamers as the release comes closer. As apparent from the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Trailer, the game has all the potential to become the most thrilling and technological advancement first person action game for this year and the next.

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