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Berton B750s Review

For all the on-the-go types, we’ve brought a detailed Betron B750s review. No matter wherever you are, you can now enjoy high quality sound on the go. Betron B750s ear-canal phones are comfortable to use thanks to their ergonomic ear canal adapters which come in various sizes to help a perfect ear-canal fit and to ensure ambient noise elimination with its in-line sound control, you can answer a call or turn down the volume with a simple touch of a finger.

Featuring a 3.5mm pin headphone output/input, the B750s is compatible with almost all tablet and Smartphone brands like HTC, IPhone, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry, etc. For those that have unique input/output pinholes, B750s comes with an adapter to ensure connectivity.

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Product Overview

As one would expect considering the low price, the packaging of the product is very basic. Though it doesn’t include any bells or whistles, nor does it boast any glamor, but once you open the package, you find 3 sets of decent silicone ear adapters, a nice cable clip and a super welcomed tiny cloth storage pouch.

The earphones look sleek and seem to be well made and nicely finished. They are both, tough and lightweight. The earpieces feature a bass vent on their outer sides which significantly enhances the sound quality. The product looks more costly than it actually is.

The earphones have a flat silicone cable that helps prevent any unwanted tangles while the cable also feels light and nice and has a minimal micro-phonic effect. Though some might find the cable not as high quality as one could see on some advanced earphones, but considering the price, this is the maximum you can get. The cable and jack split re-enforcement are well made and look very rugged and long lasting.

When using, the earphones feel tremendously light with very low cable pull. They fit in very good – really not as nicely as some others we have used, but still, for the price tag, that was expected.

The earphone’s sound isolation buffer is very efficient and cuts out lots of background noise. Proper fitting is critical for this so make sure to try all the adapters that come with it to have the best possible fit.

Review of the Berton B750s

Product Features

Excellent Fit

The earphones fit perfectly in the ear canals and provide high attenuation of ambient noises.

Universal Application

The earphones are optimized for iPhone, MP3, Android Phones, iPods, portable gaming systems and CD players provide the best sound quality.

Tangle Free Cable

A flat silicone cable to ensure that the wires don’t tangle in your pocket.

Carrying Pouch and Ear buds

The earphones come with 3 sizes (S/ML) Earbuds and a carrying pouch to further add value to the product.


Pros of the Product

  • High-Quality Sound: The B750s dynamic speakers provide bass-driven, powerful stereo sound.
  • A Comprehensive Warranty: The product comes with a 1-year warranty and a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Cons of the Product

  • Smaller Than Usual Earphones: The B750s are a bit smaller than usual earphones. The length of their section which fits in your ear seems a bit shorter.
  • Soft Wires: The wires are lightweight, which is a pro but this makes them look a bit vulnerable to break. Heavier wires should’ve enhanced durability of this product.


Boasting a strong, bass-driven stereo sound system with more clarity and enhanced dynamics, the B750s are an amazing set of accessory. Various sizes of its ear adapters that come with the package ensure a personalized fit in addition to a high passive attenuation of the ambient noises.  The bottom line of our Betron B750s review is that it is an amazing product for a very reasonable price tag.

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