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Asus X550CA-XX322H review

If you are on a budget, don’t care much about aesthetics and want a high-speed laptop, then you really need to read our Asus X550CA-XX322H review. This amazing machine packs a solid punch with its high-speed tech. Here is a detailed look at this great product.

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Product Overview

ASUS X550CA comes with the faster Intel Core i5-337UCPU with 1.80GHz. In simple words, the processor is around 3 times better in performance than a lot of the low price Celeron processors used in most of the budget-range laptops and gives around 50% boost over the low cost i3 laptop CPUs. In addition to that, it comes with an awesome 1TB Hard Drive doing 5400 RPM. Add an 8GB RAM to the mix and you get more than enough power even for tons of media files and dozens of application usage at the same time.

Product Features

Offering a Smooth Computing Experience

This magnificent machine is best for both, entertainment as well as productive computing. Offering a 3rd Gen Intel Core i7 Processor coupled with NVIDIA GeForce 700 graphics card, this beautiful notebook gives responsive and smooth performance, which is more than enough for practical computing and entertainment.

Super-Fast Data Transfer Speed

It comes with a USB 3.0 feature that provides super-fast data transfer which is around 10 times faster than the regular 2.0 USB ports. You can copy and back up all your content and files in seconds. Say Tata to long waits as transferring even a 25GB high quality movie only takes around 70 seconds.

Sharp Sound With Deep Bass

With regular notebooks, all the sound frequencies come from a tiny onboard speaker. The audio as a result comes from a single source and therefore doesn’t have any distinctiveness. Like most of the other laptops in the ASUS range, X550CA is tagged with SonicMaster technology that delivers high fidelity sound. Enjoy omnidirectional audio and listen to each every instrument clearly.

The Asus X550CA-XX322HLifelike Picture and Colors

With the amazing Splendid technology of ASUS, the machine gives vibrant visuals to satiate even the most serious viewing standards. Based on the application, X550CA fine-tunes the display properties, adjusting colour accuracy and gamut. All this results in much sharper colors and lifelike picture quality in every application, ranging from photos to movies. The Splendid technology of X550CA offers four modes to cater to various viewing conditions, to let you select the most suitable one based on the environment and personal preferences.

Comfortable Typing Experience

The seamless single-piece, back-assembled keyboard curbs any key float to help you get a comfortable and responsive typing experience. Its Chiclet design keyboard spaces out all the keys to give an improved key layout which guarantees typing accuracy. Every key is carefully tuned to the ASUS’s Golden Ratio of key stroke force to enhance the key’s responsiveness. This emphasis on minor details reduces user fatigue, even after hours of typing.

Accurate Input

The notebook boasts a large touch pad loaded with Smart Gesture technology for precise and swift response across a big range of touch inputs including drag-and-drop, pinch-zoom as well as multi-finger page manipulation.

Pros of the Product

  • Timeless and Classic Design: Comfortable and reliable, the X550CA boasts a Zen-inspired having a common center finish to give it an elegant and classy feel. This laptop is five percent thinner than previous notebooks in X Series.
  • Smartphone-Like Accessibility In a Notebook: This laptop has the ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II paired with instant-on feature to give you a Smartphone-like convenience. The laptop can resume from sleep in only 2 seconds and has a standby time of around 14 days. The laptop automatically saves all your data whenever the battery level drops below 5%, which ensures that your documents always remain safe.

Cons of the Product

  • Only Two USB Ports: Unlike most machines, this one has only 2 USB ports, one 2.0 and one 3.0 USB, which means if you need to connect lots and lots of devices, then you’ll need to get a USB hub.
  • Laggy Webcam: The webcam is noisy in low light and a bit slow to update. However it works fine for video chat especially in good light.


With a mix of amazing features like a high-speed processor, lots of storage memory, and tons of RAM, this device provides the best value for money. And we are sure our ASUS X550CA-XX322H review would’ve provided you the best value for your time.

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