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Asus N550LF-CM115H 15.6-inch review

When it comes to innovation, our Asus N550LF-CM115H review will prove that Asus is hard to beat in that segment. And the new Asus N550LF-CM115H follows the pattern, by having all the aspects of a complete entertainment machine, by bringing the finest of collaborations to make the SonicMaster Premium with the Bang & OlufsenICEpower® making it the first of its kind quad speaker on a notebook, thus bringing the cinema-like audio experience to your notebook. This combined with the Windows 8 experience on it, its sleek, trendy style and many more features, is enough to make the customer truly delighted with this machine whether his requirements are hardcore work, music, movies and games.

Asus N550LF-CM115H Review/ Product Description

Be it the touch screen or the immensely powerful speakers which turns watching movies into a cinematic experience, or the powerful operating system, or the dedicated graphics card built into the metallic and stylish body which takes gaming on a notepad to a whole different level, ASUS N550LF is a machine embedded with all these and more advanced features.

Intel’s 4th generation core processors give fast, instant and excellent performance whilst keeping the battery life appropriate. The built-in Bang & OlufsenICEpower® quad speakers along with the HD screen that enables the touch onto it, N550LF-CM115H is a complete delight for the human senses. It is an ideal machine that evolves work, play and entertainment into an experience enjoyed by the user. If you are into video making, hi-tech programming, gaming, or you just want to upload pictures onto  social media, Windows 8 along with the Intel’s 4th generation core i7 processor will make the use of multiple things or the running of intense programs onto the system much easier.

For graphic designers and hard core gamers, ASUS N550LF comes with a NVIDIA graphics card with 2GB of memory for the smooth running of intense graphics and programs, making editing videos, pictures or simply online gaming a piece of cake with the NVIDIA GeForce GT745M. Not only that, it also comes with a 1TB hard drive hence making sure that you have all your important pictures, music, and work files on the go.

The USB 3.0 connection in it cannot only transfer the files quickly with other USB 3.0 enabled devices, but since USB 3.0 is also backward compatible with USB 2.0 it does not render the older devices obsolete. Files can also be transferred using Bluetooth.

The Asus N550LF-CM115H 15.6-inch review

Product Features

SonicMaster Premium with quad-speaker array

The fact that ASUS in collaboration with Bang &OlufsenICEpower® has built the first quad speaker array which produces surround sound, gives its sound quality an upper hand than all other laptops. To enhance it even further, and for even deeper bass, an external SonicMaster subwoofer comes with it which makes even the low notes audible. The surround sound that it creates joins the Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) technology to cancel out any interference, hence clearing up the audio and enhancing the enjoyment while movie watching. It’s like your personal cinema!

MaxxAudio Master professional audio tuning

To further enhance the sound system, N550LF comes with sound personalization which is achieved with MaxxAudio Master by Waves who won theTechnical GRAMMY Award® in 2011. This allows for a four-way dynamic control, ten-band EQ with multiple filters, psycho-acoustic low frequency extension, and multi-dimensional spatial augmentation for the intense personal sound, hence making it a focal point while enjoying the movie with headphones or the home theater.

IPS panels deliver living color and wide-angle sights

Colour definition, brightness and the contrast has never been the same as with sharp IPS screens that N550LF comes equipped with. Not only does its matte coating prevents that annoying reflection but it also keeps clear from the fingerprints. The wide screen of 15.6” makes sharing screens with family and friends a unique experience which is enjoyable along with the color distinction and clarity which can be viewed from any angle.

Elegant aluminum and slim stylish look   

The aluminum finishing on N550LF, the illuminated ASUS logo gives it such a sleek, smart and stylish touch that it is an absolute delight for the aesthetic senses. The aluminum body makes it strong and while it remains delicate and smooth to touch.

Top-speed performance and fast resume

The 4th generation Intel Core i7 processors has not been more powerful and fast, giving your work, however intense it may be, fast and smooth go. ASUS N series comes with NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics and high DirectX® 11 detail which makes it ideal for gaming. It also carries the smart-phone like quick access to the data with the Super Hybrid Engine II technology, which resumes the system in true 2 seconds from sleep mode. It will automatically backup the data on a two-week standby period. In short, our Asus N550LF-CM115H review makes it clear that it’s not only the ease but also reliability factor that makes this Asus piece such a must have.

USB 3.0 is ten times faster!

You will never want to use USB 2.0 again, when you will transfer an HD 50GB Blu-ray movie in a couple of minutes. Also, with the ASUS USB Charger+, mobile device batteries can also be charged much faster. World is becoming much quicker now, so one would definitely want such technology to catch up.

Smooth and smart intuitive touchscreen

The N series panels have been designed for 6mm touch detection, surpassing the industry standards, making it one of the most touch-friendly interfaces, with much more accuracy and precision.

Asus N550LF-CM115H

Pros of the Product

N550FL is a definite addition if you are into graphics, gaming, a movie junkie or a regular social networker. Its amazing features are its biggest advantages:

  • The notebook has never looked more stylish, with the most perfect angles, and a wider screen with angle viewing, sharing screen has never been more fun.
  • Its sound system is unmatched, and it has been one of the biggest innovations in the industry.
  • The 4th generation Intel Core processor is the fastest, making multitasking and heavy duty work smooth.
  • The colours, the clarity, the speed, the whole experience has absolutely gone to the next level with the ultra-crisp Full HD touch screen.

Cons of the product

Some of the key issues that have recently come up with the N550FL make however less of an impact but I will still point them out. For example:

  • The Bluetooth functionality fails to detect all Bluetooth devices occasionally, making it annoying for consumers.
  • The screen is hard to replace, so in case it gets broken, it will be very difficult to get the same clarification as the product originally has
  • It has been complained that while updating to Windows 8.1, the screes goes blank or without cursor which renders the keypad useless as only the touch works then. However, this has been reported very seldom, and ASUS support is always very helpful.


ASUS is now amongst the top 3 players in the world when it comes to laptops. The innovation in N550FL sets it apart from the industry with their unmatched sound quality, the irresistible touch and the high speed performance. This Asus N550LF-CM115H review reveals that the N550LF is not only like a personal cinema but also a treat for all the senses while giving that high performance.

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