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Apple MacBook Pro laptop

When you need a laptop that switches effortlessly between work, social and leisure functions, the versatile MacBook Pro series from Apple has always stood out from its competitors. Fans of the MacBook will love the MacBook Pro MF839B/A upgrade, and it is a great starter model for newcomers to the Apple brand.

Why you should pick up a MacBook Pro

The top pick for designers, musicians and others in creative occupations, Apple has always been one of the leading names for business computing. Now that the MacBook’s performance and features have been upgraded, it is the perfect machine to take on entertainment, gaming, video playback and more: making this a great all-rounder for any laptop user.

What about the price tag?

Windows laptops will certainly come in at a lower price tag than the Apple MacBook Pro, but you can guarantee yourself value for money if you are willing to make the extra investment. Apple computers are built to last and covered by an extensive warranty, so even if a fault does occur you can get a repair or replacement in most instances. This is not the right choice for anyone who needs a budget computer, but it is a superb choice for those who want durability and reliability from their computing device.

Apple MacBook Pro MF839B/A

Specifications: a look inside the MacBook

What do you get when you opt for the MacBook Pro? The lightweight aluminium casing, available in silver or white, holds a 13.3 inch Pro Retina display with 2560×1600 resolution, making colours sharper and bringing a whole new level to photo editing. The laptop is powered by a 2.7 GHz Intel quad-core processor from the i5-5 series, with 8GB of internal memory and 128 GB storage, so you can keep all your music and picture files together.

Users report how easy the upgraded MacBook Pro is to use, with quick loading and a clear, bright display. The new Force trackpad allows quick clicking and is highly responsive, lasting as long as the laptop without losing traction. As for the operating system, everything now runs on iOS X Yosemite – which consumers say is the smoothest, simplest system yet and allows full integration between all devices.

Apple MacBook Pro

Are there any cons to consider?

There is a big downside to the Apple MacBook Pro MF839B/A – it lacks a CD drive. Many users won’t mind this as they get their music online and watch movies through subscription sites, but for gamers and anyone who uses discs in their work, you might find this too great an obstacle. However, you can consider an external disc drive which works with one of the two available USB ports. Anyone needing more USB functionality will also have to consider picking up an adapter. The laptop does make sure to include an HDMI port, headphone socket and SDXC card slot for full studio capabilities – with the right accessories, you will still be able to write to discs and play them.

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