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Gigabyte Technology’s Aorus series was designed to give gamers desktop levels of power to support their playing, cased in a portable slimline laptop device. First released in 2014, the Aorus X3 Plus is now in its fourth generation and selling well. Although priced above other laptops in this category, the Aorus is a worthy investment for serious gamers who don’t get the power they need from their current model.

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Should you invest in an Aorus X3 Plus?

If you use your laptop for gaming on the move, you will understand the frustrations of trying to use an all-round computer. With so many functions and processes, you don’t get the power you need for running large content – on or offline. Serious gamers who need the mobility of a laptop will therefore be pleased to hear about the Aorus series. Focusing on weight, design and performance, the X3 Plus was created to give a clearer picture, better sound and superior power: perfect for running games in 1080p and above.

If you need a laptop that handles study and work, socialising and entertainment as well as games, you may find the Aorus X3 Plus is not the right choice for you. Although the computer boasts a great hardware package and developers will appreciate the CUDA 7 support, the Aorus is beaten by its rivals when it comes to versatility. If you are in the market for a gaming computer and don’t mind shelling out a little extra, then this could be the right machine for you. However, if you never or rarely play video games, you may not see as much benefit as with one of the less function-specific laptops on the market – such as the Apple MacBook Pro or the Acer Aspire.

What does the Aorus X3 Plus offer?

Aorus have tweaked their display capabilities and the X3 Plus delivers a superb 3200 x 1800 pixel resolution on a 14-inch display. Many users report that 1080p is perfectly fine for the majority of games, but if the detail is what matters then this is the right laptop for you. At 1.8kg this is the lightest Aorus-made laptop on the market at the moment, and although the design is a little bulky it is still very small for a gaming machine. The key feature is the GeForce GTX 870M mobile graphics processor, which is creating that awesome gaming power.

The internal system is running Intel Core i7 at 2.5GHz, and can be used with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 as preferred. Support is increasing for Windows 10 since the upgrade and many users report a smoother Aorus experience with the new OS. The lithium battery claims to offer 73.26 hours of use, and testing shows that the laptop does indeed have a longer-than-average battery life. The laptop has three USB ports for your gaming accessories, boasts a 512GB storage system and features Nvidia’s Shadowplay, Battery Boost and GameStream.

Anything to watch out for?

A common complaint from users of the Aorus X3 Plus is that it is quite a noisy machine. That high-performance gaming engine generates a lot of heat, so the cooling system is often working hard to combat the effects. This can be a distraction for some users, although others report that you soon get used to it. This one may be a matter of personal preference and tolerance levels!

When it comes to price, you will certainly find cheaper laptops – including cheaper gaming laptops. However, the Aorus is an investment for serious long-term gamers, and it will save you on the cost of a desktop machine. This product does offer value for money, but it is certainly not a budget buy.

The fast frame rate makes this ideal for playing games, but sometimes the super-high resolution can cause issues – especially with older titles. You can adjust the display manually to suit what you are playing, so this shouldn’t be too much of an obstacle. All in all, the Aorus X3 Plus appears to be something of a niche model and will not suit everyone, but could well be a top buy for a gamer who needs a portable high-spec machine.

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