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Acer G276HLABID review

Today we’ve come back to our readers with the Acer G276HLABID review; the king of all monitors that have surfaced in the market yet. Beautifully designed, the Acer G276HLABID 27-Inch Monitor serves all your display needs and can work both as a Television screen and for a desktop computer.

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Product Description/ Overview

In the line of slim designed LED monitors, Acer has always kept its promise of delivering the best and most beautiful pieces out there. This year ACER 27 Inch Monitor LED Display promises nothing less. It has the potential to beat any competitive brand just on its own leave alone the quality and features.

With a 1000:1 Contrasting ratio this monitor has the most beautiful and sharp display for your desktop PCs it is perfect fit for hardcore gaming or movie viewing. It can also work great to display presentations and visuals due to its remarkable display out. The monitor is designed with revolutionary technology in display; it uses the liquid-crystal technology that allows for a perfectly clear premium output.

The slim design that this monitor comes with make it extremely convenient to use and can fit in any space, be it at the office, your personal room or an outside location.


Product Features

A Complete Solution

The Acer G276HLABID comes with a perfectly slim design that is user-friendly and has the best output results due to its ultra imaging liquid technology. It is the most ideal solution for a family or personal use on a budget-friendly price.

Built-in latest technology

This LED monitor has the latest technology built-in board that not only allows energy friendly use but also provides other advantages like automated color and contrast management, corrective brightness and automatic gamma sensing. It provides for an ultimate user experience for both personal and professional use.

Acer technology users the new adaptive contrasting management

The new technology called adaptive contrasting management from Acer, utilizes the complete imaging solution and delivers a 100 m: 1 contrast picture, which means you get the best image output.

Complete Connectivity

Different output features, makes this monitor completely adaptable to all kinds of devices not just the monitor, its HDMI and AV outputs are built-in to provide full connectivity.

Environment Friendly

Acer G276HLABID uses the most environment friendly technology, its going green policy truly reflects the way this new monitor utilizes the energy and the way it is set up internally with mercury free LED lights and recycled package materials.

ACER G276GLABID 27 inch review completed


Pros of the product

As evident from our Acer G276HLABID review, this LED monitor with a perfect 27- inch screen is a complete solution to all your desktop priorities. It has a never ending list of advantages on a budget-friendly wallet.

Remarkable response time: The Acer G276HLABID has a 5ms response time, which means the pixels and graphics move at the speed of light, allowing you to experience the true sounds and image that are great to experience gaming and movies.

Personal Settings: The LED monitor allows you to personalize your output, with different view settings for example user or standard mode. It understands your desired results and can personally set up the way you like your colors.

Cons of the Product

Extreme Brightness: Sometimes the picture quality results in extreme brightness that can be annoying from closed view.

– Slow Turn-on Time: Takes more than 15 seconds to turn the power on, which results in irritation if you want to quickly turn the monitor on display.


For someone who is looking for a low-priced fully functional display monitor with all the latest functions then this is the best bargain in the market. It’s user-friendly design, ultimate and premium output as well as complete connectivity are just the basic features and provide a complete solution to all requirements. The monitor is very easy to set –up with a complete guide and you can quickly jump to viewing its results in no time. We are sure that this Acer G276HLABID review has given you a hint of the true entertainment and graphics experience offered by the new Acer LED monitor.

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