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5 of the best soundbars under £200

If you are looking for the best soundbar under £200, then you are in for a treat as our list of the best five budget range sound bars have enough features to bring your music and movie experience to life. Here is a brief review of each product that made our list of sound bars.

1). Goodmans GDSB04BT50 Sound Bar

5 of the best soundbars under £200The GDSB04BT50 soundbar is a brilliant speaker system from Goodmans and definitely compliments a modern television setup. This wall-mountable sound bar unit is around 32 inches long and boasts a compelling design. A small and well-designed remote control adds to the convenience factor.

This 2.1 channel system boasts 2x10W drivers with a 30W sub woofer, which churns out a whopping 50W RMS. The system connects to the Television through a single cable while an in-built Bluetooth receiver connects all your compatible devices, allowing you to enjoy your favorite music at its best. GDSB04BT50 Sound Bar’s 3-band equalizer allows you to adjust the mid, treble and bass to your taste and requirements. The only con of this system would be the lack of inputs like digital, optical for the game consoles, however, considering its functional design and elegant looks, the Goodmans GDSB04BT50 Sound Bar is one of the most practical additions one can make to their entertainment systems.

2). Philips HTL2101A/12 Sound Bar

some of the best soundbarsThe Philips HTL2101A/12 Sound Bar offers a deep and punchy sound for your favorite music and films. This brilliant system plunges you right into the heart of the action with its 5.1 channels 40W sound system. The system provides a richer sound experience with Virtual Surround Sound that’s a perfect match with digital sound movies while its Dolby Digital Sound feature goes amazingly well with all your favorite music. The system lets you connect your MP3 players or smartphone through its auxiliary port or USB connectivity feature while its coaxial digital port and the digital optic port let you connect your TV, DVD players, gaming consoles or BD’s in a blink of an eye and without any hassle. Moreover the sound bar’s low-rise profile ensures that it fits perfectly in front of your TV. It also comes with a Wireless remote to change inputs, adjust bass/treble and mute. The only con of this system would be that the Bass Reflex system can be over powering at times as its Muted mid tones have more emphasis on bass as well.

3). Sony HT-CT80 Sound Bar

sony soundbarYou can get a lot more out of your TV’s sound system with Sony’s HT-CT80 sound bar. Boasting an 80W 2.1 channel surround sound system with S-Mater digital amplifier for pure sound quality, Clear-audio+ feature and a wired sub woofer, HT-CT80 has almost everything one needs to make all their music and movies come to life and give you a cinematic experience at home.  Through restoring as well as optimizing audio signals, its S-Master digital amplifier sharpens dialogues, music, and ambient sound from any source one can imagine while the Clear-audio+ optimizes audio to allow you to hear dialogues, sound effects and music with greater clarity and separation. The low profile design of the system allows it to seamlessly merge with your TV while its range of input options like an Analog Audio jack, USB connector and easy Bluetooth connectivity with Bluetooth Reception NFC One-touch system which allows you to stream music “wirelessly” through your selected devices. The system can be placed in a front of the TV or mounted on the wall through specialized design that makes hanging the system a walk in the park. To sum up, this compact, two way sound bar paired with a brilliant 24.5cm (9.6″) x 17cm (6.7″) wired sub woofer boasting front-firing sound, this system brings your entertainment experience to life.

4). Riccos 350W PMPO 35W RMS Bluetooth Soundbar

soundbars for 2015If you are looking for a practical and good looking sound bar in a budget, then Riccos 350W PMPO 35W RMS Bluetooth Sound Bar with 2.1 Channel systems is undoubtedly the ultimate choice for you. This amazing sound bar with an output power of 35W RMS, Speaker Driver or 3”+2.5”x2, gives you great sound with a nice amount of bass and a sharp voice. The sound bar features ample connectivity options like the Optical out connection, Built-in Bluetooth, USB Stick MP3 Direct Playback , HDMI Slot and an AUX-RCA input which means that all the standard connection options are there. Its Bluetooth Technology makes it “wirelessly” connect with a wide range of smart phones and other gadgets. The only cons of the device would be a very insignificant pulsing sound while using the Bluetooth. It is hardly noticeable when the sound is in full swing, however, if turned on with no audio in a quiet environment, it is easy to notice. Moreover the remote control is a bit of a putt-off if you are not on axis with the device’s display panel. However, all these can be classified as pretty petty niggles considering the cost of the unit and the brilliant features it offers.

5). Panasonic SCHTB18EBK Soundbar

top soundbarsThe Panasonic SCHTB18EBK Soundbar provides you powerful sound in brilliant quality. The device doesn’t only look cool with its slim and simple design, but also delivers high quality sound with Panasonic’s 2.1 channel system with 120W of power and a sub woofer. These 120W speakers coupled with Panasonic’s Clear Dialogue mode let you experience everything you watch with amazing clarity. It’s wireless Bluetooth features lets you experience stunning music from any of your Bluetooth enabled devices. It’s slim, sleek design allows you to place it right below your TV screen without blocking the view or the waves of the remote receiver. However, the sound Bar gives you the flexibility of placement as it is wall-mountable too. Although this product doesn’t come with an optical cable and you’ll need to buy it separately to connect your Television to the sound bar.


These products are not a product to rival a Home Cinema, but we are sure that our list of best sound bars under £200 has given you enough information to help you choose the right product.

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