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Best Macbook Pro Accessories

It’s no secret that almost everyone is a fan of Apple devices as well as the accessories which make them even more attractive. Everything from wireless mouses to Laptops, keyboards and cases to stands, these accessories are a dime a dozen but in today’s post we’ve planned to give you a rundown of five of the best MacBook Pro accessories that not only enhance your MacBook Pro experience but also which we feel are highly notable for their futuristic stance. You either use your MacBook as a workhorse or it serves as a panacea for all your gaming needs, our amazing list of accessories are bound to interest you.

1.) Gold Privacy Filter

Best Macbook Pro Accessories for you


Have you ever been pissed by your colleagues or siblings peeping over your shoulder while you are in a middle of a private conversation on your Macbook pro? If so, then this Laptops 3M’s futuristic gloss surface screen is the best accessory out there for you. The glossy surface of 3M’s precision-fitted filters dazzles the unwanted onlookers and will shield your private data in a trendy way and preserve your privacy.

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2.) Razer Naga Mouse

Some of the Best Macbook Pro Accessories

The ergonomic Razer Naga Mouse is an amazing programmable mouse built for superior navigation and syncs well with a range of Apple devices including the MacBook Pro. The mouse works like a regular wired mouse except that it features 17 MMO optimized programmable buttons and an advanced tilt click scroll wheel that can be clicked in around 24 different positions which provides great flexibility and control. Other features of the mouse include 12 button mechanical thumb grid, zero-acoustic Ultra slick feet and Razer Synapse 2.0 feature. All these features make it a perfect choice of hardcore gamers and graphics designers.

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3.) PEREGRINE Wearable/Glove Interface

The 3rd best macbook pro accessorie

Unarguably this is the most advanced gadget on our list , this wearable interface device seems to have come straight out of a fiction movie. The gadget comes in the form of a glove that allows you to control around 30 actions with just a whizz of your fingers or a hand gesture. Optimized for DotA, WoW, StarCraft 2 and League of Legends, the glove with its 18 touch points and 3 activator pads allow you to completely command your game characters with a gesture of your hand. Now cast spells like harry porter with this wearable interface in the virtual world.

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4.) Logitech G930 Gaming Headset For MacBook

Best Macbook Pro Headset

If you enjoy the Multi-Player modes of games on your MacBook are your cup of tea, or like to enjoy the best of sound cards the new MacBook boasts, then this amazing headset is a must have to block out the white noises to help you concentrate on the distinct sound of Beethoven’s symphony or the team play in an advanced game. The headset boasts 2.4GHz of lag-free 40 ft. wireless range, an advance noise cancelling microphone and Immersive 7.1 surround sound with the help of Dolby Digital Technology for delivering detailed positional sound. The headset also features programmable G-keys which can be customized with one-touch commands and offer voice morphing as well.

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5.) Rapoo’s E6700 Wireless Touch Keyboard

best MacBook Pro keyboard

If you like using your Mac Book as a desktop computer or even if you are hunting for an advanced keyboard to ease your fingers, then it’s a must to check out Rapoo’s E6700 Wireless Touch Keyboard. With a slim clean and sturdy design, E6700 offers 82 full-size keys for the ease of typing. However, the most attractive feature of the keyboard remains a Smart Touch Area which can be used as an advanced touch pad that offers you 15 user-configurable gestures for comfortable navigation to make it undoubtedly the most practical and advanced entry in our list of five of the best MacBook Pro accessories.

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